Past large quilts

no news this week. no trusses delivered. life seems to be in a ‘ wait state’. so am entertaining you with pictures. 

          when you own probably close to 1000 9 patch blocks you need to use them. This top didn’t even make a dent. got discouraged and donated the remaining bags of blocks to my local group. curious to see how they use them up. 

          thinking I’ve shown this quilt before. it’s truly one of my favorites and was sold before it was even finished. wish i’d of counted the number of tiny pinwheels in it. the left side photo is a progress picture. after a while i was sewing pinwheels in my sleep!



          this top i made for me. it’s a color control version of the jelly roll race using batik fabrics. The shocking thing is it looks so good on the wall. it even looked good on my bed. slept with it one night and decided i didn’t feel right sleeping with it. logically know how silly and stupid that sounds but i trust my instincts. somebody needed this quilt more than i did. Donated it to my quilt group and they sold it to a good home. 


          another high color quilt. can you tell i love color. fact -  i’ve never met one i didn’t like.  this is using scraps which seem to breed while i’m not watching. 

          This quilt lives on Grrr’s bed. he chose the block and the colors. not sure he’s ever noticed but the colors are the same as the quilt he asked for years ago. man’s in a rut!. and since he makes his bed every day it always looks good. This pix is before it got quilted. 


          this clothing rack lives at the condo. It holds my current inventory of availabel quilts that are looking for homes. if you’re in the market let me know.  all sizes and colors are represented. 

am hoping next week to have some news.