playing catch up

          It’s hard, staying in the day. My brain insists on jumping ahead mostly when i’m 5-6 customer quilts behind. i start stressing,  planning, and wondering if I’m doing a good enough job. after all people are paying me for this. i’m trying to do what is directly in front of me first which lately is another quilt. but my brain tends to take it’s own path once the quilting decisions are made and set. Then all the tabs open at once and chaos takes over in my head. 

          i feel pulled in multiple directions. Both looms are feeling neglected. the tapestry students are catching up with me. they also want a demo on bead weaving that i need to get started. i need time to shop for a new kitchen faucet. (don’t trust Grrr with that decision. he seldom uses it.) Added to the list are several club meetings and monitorings i’m responsible for. 

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          and half way thru the day i want to take a nap. i nap during the news to block out the political bull shit.  i’ve had it with politics. and this mess in Iowa just adds to the country’s emotional problems. i do have a preference among the candidates but i’ll take any one of them. Someone sane, kind and honest, that cares about our country, our world and the constitution. with good ethics and morals. 

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          This is quilt is now completed. will meet up with the owner before Grrr liberates it. he normally doesn’t pay attention to what Lola is doing but this one really caught his attention. my instructions for this was ‘no girly, no flowers, no glitz,’ did a simple stipple over the whole thing. you can also see part of the warping mill with the next linen towel warp partly wound. 

           usually i’m pretty comfortable with my days. i have a variety of things to do , have everything i want and need. But. . . then i start thinking about living on the beach in the sun with no deadlines, no responsibilites, no input from the outside world. the reality would be i’d be bored out of my mind but it makes for a good fantasy. 


          and we’ve gone a whole week with no cat bites. worth celebrating. thinking i’m over medicating him.  he looks stoned half the time. he’s even stopped sleeping with me or even coming into my bedroom. works for me. don’t have to keep looking over my shoulder to check if he’s ready to pounce. 

          off to deliver that quilt. and borrow some thread for the next one. it has a bright orange back. As much as i like orange i don’t have that color in thread. 



wany are using to summarize the way they feel at this point in 2020. Sometimes we feel drained. Other times we feel energized. It can be difficult to identify who we even are. How about you?