Quilter Gone Astray

          i miss my sewing time. i miss my long arm time. when my machine finally gets set up ( i have a delivery date) i’m going to be so out of practice i’ll have to start from scratch. between both shoulder surgeries, getting the house ready to sell, finding a new house and spending months getting it ready to live in it’s been over 2 years. and currently i can’t even access my regular sewing machine. the machine is fine, i just don’t have a table to put it on. 

           there is light at the end of the tunnel. went shopping at american furniture wharehouse.  we’ve ordered living room furniture; sofa, love seat, easy chair and a recliner. all to be delivered this next week. Hurrah!!!  found a dining room table i loved but was way too big. and grrr couldn’t find a desk so the next shopping trip will be to several of the large thrift store.  fans installed, smoke alarms mounted, closet rods installed, beds set up. still need to find the box containing sheets. 

          i do have the baby wolf dressed for a simple color gamp with 5 basic colors and 4 different twill threadings. (the narrow outside strip is not blue.  it’s bright purple and matches the other side.) and am having problems.  for whatever reason the loom is giving me grief. am wondering if somehow it got torqued in the moving truck. after seeing how damaged some of the boxes are i wouldn’t be surprised.  i also can’t seem to focus on any one thing. our life just needs to settle down. i love my routine (what little i had). now everyday seems to depend on workmen, delivery drivers and trips to Home Depot. 

          an example of being un-focused. we spent several hours working at the house. part way back to the condo i questioned if the garage door got closed. normally Grrr drives and i hit the remote. but this day i was driving and he was focused on sorting mail. so we turn around to go back and check. yes, it’s closed.  we continue on taking a different route to pass a friends house and somehow get twisted around and end up on Hutton dr again. so logically if we follow it we’ll drive past our house. Wrong. ended up at the country club. about here is when Grrr realizes he forgot his jacket. at this point we laugh about having to use GPS to find our way home. wiggle our way back, get his jacket, then his cap and make our way back to the condo. Our 3 mile trip turned into a 8 mile detour. 


          Got home and hugged my cat.  Louie Louie is a happy cat. He adjusted to the condo within the first day.  when we start sleeping at the house he’ll adjust to it just fine. it’s the cat door that’s going to be a learning curve for him. he’s not the brightest beast I’ve ever known. 

          today is overcast and cold. not cold like the rest of the country but sock and jacket weather. and we did turn the heat on. 

          till next time.