the weather man kept saying rain. by wednesday morning 99 was flooded and i decided it was definitely a 'stay home day’.  you can watch the waves on the pavement out front of the house. and we again have garbage cans lined up in the patio.  There is a seam in the roof and somehow they just can’t get that sealed. as soon as it dries out i’m calling AGAIN.  good thing they offer a guarantee. 

          not sure i have my new medical coverage all figured out. got a call yesterday and was told to expect a packet in the mail. then got an acceptance letter from a company i never contacted. changed my drug coverage too. Wallgreens has been a big help. all the paper work and comparison prices on drugs just makes my eyes glaze over. 

          Tuesday grrr had more eye surgery. this was to remove the scar tissue that had formed from the cataract procedure.   they only did one eye. expect the other one done in a couple of weeks so we’re back on eye drops 4 times a day. he’s gotten so much better about letting me touch his eyes. no longer fighting me everytime i get near him. 

          the painter has been busy at the condo. he was done and then we changed our minds on one of the rooms. fortunately he was good sport about it. took a couple days off to work another job and came back to the last room. am expecting a call to come settle up the bill and do another walk thru. next comes calling a carpet cleaning company. 

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           last week a friend came over and she got me motivated to start threading pattern on the gilmore. finished the heddles and now to re-sley the reed. good project for a rainy day. Recommendation set is 24 and it’s way too dense. these are supposed to be baby blankets, not rugs. it’s a soft spun cotton and beautiful.  re-sleying at 18 and expect that i’ll run out of reed width before i use all the warp ends. poor planning. won’t be done in time for the craft sale but good start on next year. plan on a wool silk blend for weft. 

          am also working on tapestry samples in the evenings. just completed one using paper warp which really has a mind of it’s own, and different paper wefts. doesn’t lend itself to much detail in the design but interesting texture. so far only one warp has snapped. it’s strickly a sample to show you can use just abut anything. only depends how adventurous they are. Grrr told me it looks like a birds nest.  did a show and tell of small looms at the general meeting. so far have more than enough names on the class list. we’ll see how it works out in january. 

          took a monitoring class as the craft club. some of these clubs do things very differently. you can’t get in until a teacher shows up. they are the only ones who have the ability to unlock the front door. everything is locked up tight. every cabinet and drawer!  they also have security cameras all over.  makes me wonder whom they don’t trust. 

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          Louie has claimed the guest room and bed as his day time recreation area. Not sure what he’s watching but it got very intense. the afternoon sun shines on that bed and he luxuriates in the heat.  more often he looks like this. plus from that bed he can watch the traffic up and down the hall and keep tabs on where we all are. 

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            i completely relate to this guy. where has my sun shine gone?  pulled my only coat and scarf out of the closet this week. bought a pair of shoes without open toes than i can wear socks with and am sleeping in sweat pants and t-shirts. and i’m blaming it on all the folks who are putting up their christmas decorations before thanksgiving. it’s your fault!

          and as for the political scene. i’m putting my head in the sand. don’t believe anything is going to change and found this winnie the pooh cartoon that pretty much says it all. 

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