for years I’ve avoided putting my self on the internet.  have always been terribly self concious so i talk about and publish photos of my pets, my textiles, my living conditions and grrr.  


          one of the quilting groups i follow has a challenge going about posting photos of your self at least 20 years apart. looking back thru my history i don’t have many photos but have rounded up those that i have. i’m usually on the other side of the camera. 

          but here’s a few each about 20 years apart.  the back of the first photo tells me i’m about 4 years old. 


          this second photo is what i used for advertising weaving.  this was the front of my business cards.  my face has been super imposed over my glimakra draw loom. taken about the age of 30. 

gteds copy

          the color photo was an ID card at a place of employment. i cropped out all the information; employee number, security clearance and finger print etc. taken about 40 years old. and maybe because it’s my own pictures i don’t see any relationship between the 4 year old and the 40 year old. 

           this next photo is my favorite of all time,. the one i’m most proud of. it was a huge event in my life. the hospital sent me two of these id cards. one for each shoulder. 

          and last but not least a current pix. this was taken by my Macintosh in low light (bedroom) while i was contemplating what exactly i was going to say on this blog. 


          lately i’ve seen multiple posts on one of my face book groups about getting old. suppose that’s what got this ‘ 20 year selfie’ thing started.  it’s bad enough my body reminds me every morning.  i’m seeing wrinkles, gray hair, extra pounds. i’m definitely not the cute, wild, skinny 25 year old any longer. 

          i’m not ok with my physical limitations. i have to pay attention to the amount of time i spend on the looms and standing at the long arm.  these are my passions. years ago the doctors warned me that every bone and joint i damaged (and there were a lot of them) would cost me in the future.  they did not warn me about my short attention span, poor memory, and faulty vision.  

          i’m surprised that i’ve actually made it this far. completely unexpected considering. . .   my belief is that it comes from genetics. as much as i did not like my mother i can thank her for this.  i can also thank her for my angry spirit, survival instinct and independent attitude -  but that’s another story.   i have a good and happy life from a bad start. not all of my years have been positive but age mellows decisions and attitudes and i’m proud of who i’ve become.

 I kno in my 70’s and thankful for my many blessings.