so this is a monsoon?

            our first and second monsoon.  other than the dust preceding the storm these are way less violent than what we were used to.after all the hype and warnings we’ve heard about these storms it was kind of a let down. the rain is serious rain with enough wind to make it side ways rain but it only lasts for a short time. we were expecting hours. the winds are enough to take down shallow rooted trees which seems to be what grows here. 

          there is no drainage along the curbes and sidewalks. all the water is supposed to go to the canals between the traffic lanes. however it floods the streets on it’s way there. drove 3 blocks the other night in about 2 inches of water on the road.  nobody bothers to slow down. the rooster tails cover the cars in the next lane. 

          so my lesson is the patio needs to be re-thought.  cat food was a soggy bowl of guck. Carpet was wet half way across the room. Wednesdays storm came from a different direction so this time the cat box (which has a lid with air holes in it) was a solid mass of wet cat litter.  Louie couldn’t figure out if he was more upset over the wet food or soggy cat box. he was running back and forth between the two making sure i knew his world had collapsed.  for an insecure cat this was a catastrophe. that room needs the carpet ripped out. i’m assuming there is cement under there that we could put a finish over. squishy carpet is nasty. 

          don’t think he’s (Louie) happy with the changes i made either. both litter box and food have been moved to under the window of the arizona room. i watched him last night and he thought about pooping where his box was previously. he did a bit of scratching but reconcidered and moved to its' new location. wasn’t sure how i was going to handle it if he hadn’t changed his mind. 

IMG 20180708 114747067

          finished two quilts for the club this week. both were scrap quilts and the stitching was easy loop d’loops. the fun thing is i recognized a lot of the fabrics as kid prints i’d donated to the group. 

IMG 20180708 125041463

          have been knitting in the evenings and this simple scarf is almost completed. have decided to put the knitting needles away for a while and do some bead crochet next. have an idea in my head. 

IMG 20180710 115633170

          weaving has been coming along. the warp at home has one completed baby blanket and half of another one. first one is a textured fuzzy weft and the second is basically using up full bobbins. not wild about it but sometimes these turn out better than the planned items. the warp at the studio is making circles but not complete ones. am trying to decide if i should cut it from the front and re-thread the heddles with the correct color warp or just leave it and let it happen. there is one row of fairly high contrast that is showing circles well but that’s the only place. the colors all mush together in the rest of it. 

          more house drama. and woke up to hearing water running in my closet. memtioned it to Grrr.  he was totally unimpressed and told me to check back in an hour. in the mean time the neighbor across the street pounded on our door to tell us we have a water problem and it’s running down the street. seems the outside watering system blew apart. Grrr needs to call the landscaper who installed it. that’s when he admitted he didn’t know the guys name or have his number. Duh!  i’m not dealing with it.  so we shut the sprinkler system off completely. the landscape guy is expected sometime this week. i suggested rather forcefully that he get a business card or at lest write down the guy’s information for next time.

         it’s saturday and i’m off to spend the day with Lola.