sometimes it can only get better

          so Lola is still not operational. have a computer loaded with the upgrade on order. should be here this next week. made a few phone callsto dealers around the country and asked what kind of deal they would give me that would be better than what ABM in texas offered. found a dealer in Tennessee that made me an offer i could afford. bigger tablet and the most current version of the software. i’m going to have to wire it into the machine and adjust the encoders to keep up with the software but he’s willing to talk me thru it on the phone. 

20200220 131335

          Figured it would be a good time to do some finishing work on the stack of woven and quilt items that needed hems, bindings, fringes, etc. that didn’t end well either. my regular sewing machine is not stitching evenly. skipping stitches. by now i was getting pissy about everything. is it a full moon or what?? i have a routine of what to check when this happens on Lola but not on the small sewing machine. cleaned it, rethreaded, changed out needle, vacuumed the upper tension assembly and it’s back to normal.  got one quilt bound, second quilt the binding was about 40 inches too short. pawed thru boxes and stacks of fabrics looking for more of that specific print. it’s too late to change direction so went online and managed to find a single yard of it on eBay. it should be here next week. 

20200222 103047

                    still have 3 more quilts in the waiting pile and 2 woven scarves. will show the finished items next week when everything is cleaned up and done. these 3 scarves are finished and ready to get quality controled at the studio. same red raspberry mohair warp with 3 different wefts. 

20200219 14420520200219 135130

          wednesday was class. one student showed up with a very nice bead loom. and made a good start. others are still working with wool. the sample to the left is an exercise out of my book that is being passed around.   plan on asking at next meeting if the library could order a book on tapestry. have several recommendations.  one student is exploring soumak weave. she plans on adding more texture as she goes. don’t have a book for that one. and amazon is asking over $100.00 for a copy. not going to happen. 

20200217 120249

          have been discussing my Louie problem with several cat people. only got bitten once this week. i’ve got to resolve this. we have an appointment this week with a vet who deals with behavioral issues in cats. also have a possible re-home option if it comes to that. have also started watching animal planet ‘my cat from hell’ but so far they haven’t dealt with a similar problem. Only with cats who fight each other. it's an interesting show. have learned a lot about cat body language.  my handsome hunk’s body language shows him to be a confident cat. uses the center of the rooms. walks around with his tail up. has complete trust in us by closing his eyes and sleeping up side down. likes belly rubs just like a dog. comes out to greet strangers.  has never had an accident in the house. doesn’t claw furniture. doesn’t bother anything in the studio. he’s come so far in the 2 years i’ve had him. i can’t give up on him now. 

          it’s raining and we HAVE NO LEAKS in the patio. 

          plan on going back to finishing things today. too much rain to leave the house. too much rain to even want to get out of bed this morning. 



any are using to summarize the way they feel at this point in 2020. Sometimes we feel drained. Other times we feel energized. It can be difficult to identify who we even are. How about you?