staying focused

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          am having a really hard time this week staying on track. life is piling up and i have way too many things going at once. Spent a painfull amount of time removing stiching from the the big quilt on Lola. come to find out it’s not halloween, she wants cats. what i can stitch in one hour takes probably four to take out.  purchased a battery operated stitch ripper but find it awkward to use so back to picking stitches. and of course my tension was so near perfect that neither side is looser than the other. 

          and the customer quilts are piling up. have 3 lined up in the studio and one waiting to be delivered. but the current quilt is all un-stitched and i’ve started the cats. 

          attempting to stay one step ahead of the tapestry students. this next week we’re experimenting with color blending. and i don’t have a good example woven. 

          plus it’s name tag time. everyone who has paid dues for 2020 needs a new name tag. not difficult but time consuming. discovered the reem of paper i had purchased was not card stock so Office Depot here i come. this year it’s going to be blue/teal color. Drat!  i had thought ahead enough to stock up on toner. 

        had a fun fair meeting and the few clubs at oakmont that were willing to participate decided to cancel the whole things. out of 15-16 clubs the lack of interest was appaling.  too much work and too expensive with only minimum interest. we’re scheduled for the next one in 2 years. maybe then it will seem like a new and fun way to get our rec center some public interest. several of the clubs here are expecting to move to the new grand center when it’s completed. 

          also had a general membership meeting with the weavers. it was decided we’d change our by-laws to allow one person to be in the room alone. in the past the rule was there had to be 2 people just for safety sake. that the single person would be the monitor and would have to stay for the full shift unless they found a replacement. works for me. but i seldom weave over there during the winter but this coming summer it will allow me to stay and come in at my convenience. what surprised me was the fact that some people object to being alone. they seem worried about being robbed or some other type of violence. that has happened in the past but only at night when the rec center staff isn’t there. so when the new by-laws are approved by RCSC i’ll get them on the web site. 

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          Louie is back on attack mode. had my toe nails done and she commented on the 3 bite marks and one was brand new. these were thru my jeans pant leg.  he goes thru stages. for a while he’s fine. then he starts his hunting mode and i’m the prey. have started attaching the spray bottle to my belt loops. a face full of water and he leaves the room and pouts, then forgives me.  i also think at 3 years old he’s still growing. he kinda over flowes his cat perches. 

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          and i’ve decided he loves Grrr best. this is how they watch TV together. but even then he has this scowling expression. 

          time to get to work on Lola. 



wany are using to summarize the way they feel at this point in 2020. Sometimes we feel drained. Other times we feel energized. It can be difficult to identify who we even are. How about you?