Still Unpacking

these boxes are never ending. the patio is looking better but lordy, there’s still a lot out there. 

IMG 20180303 214803932

          i mentioned before that i purchased the heaviest cat tree i could find. Not heavy enough. last night Louie tipped the whole thing over. kind of bent up the blinds but didn’t break the window thank goodness. i know we need to replace the windows but not yet. so moved the cat tree close to the wall in the corner. changes his view of the world but next time he hits it that hard it’ll bounce off the wall.  he’s not even full size yet. i’m guessing 12 pounds. maine coons generally get to be about 20. he’s doing so much better. using his cat door with one flap. second is still taped to the wall. he doesn’t spend extra time out there but i don’t have to stand guard any longer. 

          have draperies but no curtain rods. had to order ones long enough for both living room windows. 

          and have now taken a shower with no shower curtain. don’t recommend it. several nights ago the curtain and rod came down in the middle of the night. Both Louie and i had a moment of panic before i discovered what it was. so much for gorilla glue. next comes screws in the tiled wall.