Thanksgiving Week

WOW! i’m giving thanks that this week is done! 

          spent 2 days at the huge craft sale. thinking i did well but won’t know until the book keeper writes me a check. as much work as it is it’s also a lot of fun. See people you haven’t seen since last year. no chance to visit because we’re so busy but fun. now i need to unpack and check my inventory list. 

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          it’s damn cold!.  had to actually scrape the car window yesterday morning. also wearing actual showes with socks this week. we moved here for the sunshine. 

          It also poured rain the day before and when it finally dries out we’re getting a new roof. nobody seemed to know how old the existing roof really is but every storm we lose shinges and it’s looking dire.  so grrr called a roofer and we’re on his schedule for the next dry period. (and it’s supposed to storm again this week) and he also set us up for an entire outside paint job.  this is going to be a whole new house. this place has the most unusual cloud formations i’ve ever seen. 

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          the condo gets carpets cleaned this coming week and then we can sign the papers to get it sold. good thing. we’re spending money we don’t have. and we don’t normally do that. 

          for a while it looked like we’d be having steak for thanksgiving dinner. i had ordered a turkey hind quarter from Safeways.  they told me you can’t order hindquarters and we don’t have them.  in every other state in this country you can. what’s wrong with arizona???  i don’t want a 20 pound turkey.  they only had 3 fresh ones left (all over 30 pounds) and sent me over to the freezer area. i picked thru and found the smallest they had. got up to the cashier and turns out it’s $51.00. (organic)  and i wasn’t even sure it would fit in my oven. (oven sizes here are another topic. ) told the clerk no!. not paying for a 51.00$ turkey. She adjusted my bill, i returned to the butcher. who told me i should have ordered one. around and around we go. so i purchased a very nice sirloin steak wrapped in bacon and all the fixings for thanks giving dinner. 

          but i just couldn’t let it go.  steak and stuffings for thansgiving is just wrong!.  next day after running errands we stopped at Fry’s grocery. they only had frozen but we purchased a 12 pounder frozen solid. with enough soaking in hot water it thawed and we managed turkey for dinner. we’ve also had turkey for the last 4 days. enough. the rest is going into the freezer for soup. 

next year we’re eating out. 

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          both looms are warped and have items started (for next year).  have not touched a loom or even turned the lights on in the studio. came home last night, dropped the boxes of inventory in the studio, ate more turkey and took a nap. 

          but grrr’s been busy. he’s back to turning pens. they are stunning. (even if i prefer skinny ones.) gifted one to his eye dr. 

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          and Louie is fine. he’ll be fine until they start the roof. that will be a test of how well he deals with new stress.  he’s such a serious cat!.