Thanksgiving Week

          spending my days at the studio. need to be spending them here with my own loom. just one more item to finish before the craft sale this coming week and it’s just not going to happen.  it will get finished before the contractor covers the room in plastic. i promise. 

          the last beginning class was yesterday. the students will probably be in at least once this next week to take their second warp off their looms. i think everyone is pretty happy with what they've accomplished. and i’m just glad it's over. the next step class will take up again the following week after the holiday. 

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          am 4 quilts behind on Lola. this is the last one finished. not a masterpiece but fast and easy. the stitching is really a pale blue but doesn’t show in the photo. haven’t gotten the horse quilt back yet.  took it into the club and other quilters were helping me un-stitch the one row of horses. wasn’t quite done and left it there. will pick it up after thanksgiving and re-mount and finish. in the mean time i have a bright happy top mounted and again had to borrow yellow thread. am going to have to break down and buy some. i hate paying full price at the local quilt shop but buying thread online is a crap shoot. the color on the screen is not always the color you end up with in your hand. 

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          and it’s been a fun week with all the snowbirds getting back. lots of catching up with what folks have done over the summer. and the temps have changed. currently the average is 70’s but nights get downright cold. put an extra blanket on the bed. 

          looking forward to Thanksgiving and having the kids here. they plan on shopping at the craft sale. i’ll be working but only a 4 hour shift each day. i plan on shopping too. Note to self - go pick up at the condo before they get here. Beds are changed but need to hang towels and dust and do the floor in Lola’s room. 

        and before anyone asks Louie is fine. he gave us a scare this week. couldn’t find him. didn’t come when we called. were looking at each other and asking if he could possibly gotten out. didn’t think so. started opening all the interior doors, sewing room, closets etc.  when i opened the right door poor guy was in such a hurry to get to the litter box he left tracks on the top of my foot.  he never cried. Never responded when called. just suffered in silence. Louie - it’s not that kind of household. Speak Up!