Tomorrow is Start Day

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          The weaving room is pretty much emptied out. except for the big things that won’t fit thru the door. Like the loom. also left a very heavy chest of drawers and several other wood weaving items. also left the stuff attached to the walls. cone racks take up the wall against the garage and my airplane prop hanging above the windows. it’s going to have to come down because that wall is going to be torn down but figuring the contractors can climb the ladder. am hoping they can save the leather strapping that holds it up there. 

          my bedroom looks like a tidy hoarder lives here. i have a path to the bed and a path to the comouter. Boxes and boxes stacked over my eye level. left just enough room for Louie’s cat tree in front of one window. the other window is completely blocked. and getting into my closet is a tight squeeze. the living room isnt much better. i hate living in chaos. 

          did see the pulmanary doctor this week. he was his normal unpleasant un-communicative self. this time i only had to wait in the exam room 45 minutes which was an improvement. he looked at the ct scans and admitted my problem was sarcoid. Duh!.  isn’t that what i told him several appointments ago and he didn’t believe me. now he’s putting me on prednisone. says they should have done that 50 years ago. will pick up the prescription but not sure i’m going to take it. 2 pills twice a day 30 mg each. every instinct in my body is screaming at me not to put that drug in my body. anyway - I’ve scheduled an appointment with a second pulmonary dr. she isn’t taking new patients but seemed to make an exception when i mentioned who i had been seeing. just told her he wasn’t a good fit. have a feeling i’m not the first she’s inherited this way. 

          on a positive note i did get a clean bill of health from my dentist. at this point every positive thing counts.  

          attended a meeting at the weaving studio. need to get my butt in gear and get the loom warped for the workshop. and name tags printed. 

20190120 131406

         also need to get to the condo and finish the current top on the machine. have had to go begging for a thread that would match or at least work with the rusty pink color. the color looks much better in the photo than in real life. i need a lighter shade to not look shocking on the white and pastel blocks. 

          the brown iquilt n the photo is one i completed last week. recived a call yesterday asking if i could take a ‘time sensitive’ quilt. had to say sorry. can’t do it until probably next week. she’ll call me back later in the week.  

20190120 132536


          plus i’m participating in a blog hop.  have never done anything like this before. it sounded interesting and fun. the dreadful threads in washington had challenges on occasion and some of the items coming from those were amazing. Anyway i contacted the leader and said i’d like play.  i thought it was simple- you make a quilt, send the photo in and she posts it.  nope. she explained everything and gave me a date that it has to be posted on my blog. the topic changes every month. the month i’d been looking at was January. this is February and this month’s topic is ‘wings’.  dragons, birds, airplanes, bbq hot wings etc. and there is a large number of quilt blocks with wings and flying in the name. lots of options. i’ve already got the fabrics picked out now to just make a decision.  and find the time. wonder what next month will be. 

20190108 225049

          however i enjoy being busy and with these deadlines it’ll get me motivated. And not stressing over the work crew that’s scheduled for tomorrow. they will be delivering the port-a-poddy and trailer for construction garbage tomorrow too. will take pictures as they demolis the whole back of the house and the rebuilding as it happens. 

          Louie’s furniture gets moved to my bathroom later today. and he’s already on his calming drugs, though i’m not sure they’re working. the last 2 days he’s been like a wild child. Spilling items and breaking glasses.  started out with 2 drops in his food but may have to up the dosage.