Towels are done!

          politics in this country is coming unhinged. makes me think about moving to Canada. now i hear that Russia is grooming someone to become a third party candidate in this coming election. i’ve started not believing anything i hear or read. 

          finally completed that towel warp. total of 17 dish towels!  assorted colors. the photo is of the last batch i removed, got hemmed and washed. took them to the board meeting and they got QC’d on the spot.  now all are up for sale. All are linen in plain weave.  sometimes a person just needs to get into the rhythm and throw the shuttle. not think. just weave. 


          Delivered  my last 2 quilts this morning. The quilters are having to evacuate the club room.  Bell recreation center is having major problems with main electrical feed. possibly closed for 6 - 8 weeks.  one member has a good size inclosed patio members will meet at on occasion. and when they need quilts quilted they will be delivering and picking up here at the house.  the group has a shortage of christmas place mats so will squeeze in a couple of sets to use up my holiday prints. 

         currently have a flying geese top mounted and can’t seem to make a decision as to how to stitch on it. Checked with pinterest. no help there. found lots of geese quilts and there is no consistency for quilting patterns. some have feathers, some have waves, some have just an all over stipple.  am thinking will do straight lines with rulers and grid work in the larger white spaces. i just noticed it’s upside down. 

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           almost completed  the weaving of this tencel scarf. the second on the same warp will be much more brown. and the big loom is waiting for more heddles. After doing the math (i actually counted heddles) for the next project of a baby blanket and am short 140 heddles. called Gilmore and they should be here any day.     

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          the temps are currently in the low 90’s. it’s perfect. and i must have acclimated to arizona. yesterday i wished i’d brought a long sleeve shirt. 

          Grrr and i met with a realtor at the condo yesterday. sounds like it’s the perfect time to sell except we have to get the place empty and repaint the large rooms. he recommended off white color.  he’s meeting with an estate sale guy and i’m calling the painter we’ve used before. 


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          the floor of the patio is being worked on as i type this.  putting the same acrylic stuff on it that the front patio has. which means Louie will be traumatized - again. his litter box, cat tree, food dishes, etc are all stashed around the studio and all the furniture is now outside and his cat door is locked against him. it’s only for 2 days but he doesn’t understand time. this is going to be hard on both of us. 

          he’s so territorial about the studio space i get tackled and bit every time i enter the room.  it’s a hassle to carry a spray bottle so i’ve started picking him up when he grabs me. (he hates to be picked up.) however it’s not working like i hoped it would. i hold him in my arms belly up and snuggle his stomach and he purrs. that’s not how this was suppose to go.  life is hard when you have a neurotic cat. for both of us.