uneventful week

          no big news or even any rants from me this week. have kind of enjoyed listening to the news and imagining what it must be like in trumpville. no way can my rants complare with the trump melt downs of my imagination. makes for a good show. 

          we’ve been interviewing contractors for the work of enclosing the existing patio area. have one more to go. do have a guy scheduled to do a power wash to the house. the layers of dust are so bad even Grrr can see it. he’s also going to rip up the shabby carpet in the front patio area and put a finish on the cement. 

          since i don’t have any new work or even any progress on any old work i’m posting pictures of small pieces  i’ve done over the years and liked enough to keep. some have a story, some have meaning to me. some i just liked. 

          This first one was a challenge piece to represent your favorite song. Mary Hales and i were taking a class and i can’t remember who the teacher was. the class was a series of challenges. an exercise to make us streatch our imaginations and existing quilt rules. she always supplied a fabric that we were required to use, which is the background print in this one. i’ve always loved the song ‘time in a bottle’ by jim croche. the bottle has netting over the front and actually holds an antique watch. 

          The black background of the one below represents the group i belonged (still belong) to back in washington. We were having a group birthday and each made a little quilt that represented us as a group. there were 12 of us at that point. each very different but drop us into a pile and it makes a fun and interesting mash up. so these 12 shapes in fun colors and prints represent my ‘dreadful threads’ group. i miss you guys. 

IMG 20180603 085535490

          the left side picture was another challenge. we were told to pick a shape, preferably one we’ve never used before - so no squares or traditional quilt block shapes and repeat it. Most folks in the group found a shape that would tessellate. i spent some time with paper and scissors and came up with this flower or ameba shape. the hard part was selecting the background fabric and knowing when to quit with the embellishments. 

IMG 20180908 084416037


          you never know where or when you will get an idea. The tiny teal colored one came from looking at an xray of my teeth.  we had just gone over the xrays and he had explained everything i was looking at.  sitting in the dentist chair i try to put myself somewhere else in my imagination. and my imagination just had to make it look better. 


          back to another dreadful threads challenge. we were each given a word. mine as you can see was penultimate. i’d never heard that word let alone had any kind of definition for it. poor thing still needs a binding. these are examples of penultimate in brail, binary, naval flag code, morse code. Anything i could think of. 

            Circles!  this was a class with Reynola. we each brought a fabric grouping and learned how to make a circle quilt. dont think she had much confidence that i could pull it off and without her contribution of orange dots i couldn’t have. then had to go visit her to ask for enough more orange for the skinny border. it’s still one of my favorites. the unfortunte thing is several of the fabrics have faded over the years and now look brown rather than black. 

          and now just one more. i love pinwheels. the quilting world came out with a twist and turn ruler years back. i’d made several pinwheel quilts earlier but this ruler made it easier. this one is all fussy cut with stripe fabric prints. bright and fun to make. still hangs in the condo over the dining room table. 

          so enough show and tell for the morning. off to the condo to work on someone elses quilt. 

IMG 20180210 233512473 HDR

          and here’s the expected photo of Louie Louie in his favorite position. this cat is seldom upright.