Storms and Quilts

          have now lived thru a total of 4 monsoons.  am telling the storm gods that i’m now a believer. the first 2 were non-events. the two this week convinced me. lots of houses now have blue tarps on the roofs. extensive tree damage. pools closed for clean up. Half the city had no power. It was a hell of a show!   the morning after a  neighbor from across the street came to show me my roof damage. they were watching and could see rows of shingles raise up in the wind. even after the second storm i never found any on the ground. (well, i did but they were not my color.)  now i’m waiting for the roofer to get back to me. called tuesday and they put me on the list. the company has a triage list. since i don’t have water coming thru the ceiling i’m only considered walking wounded. the condo came thru both storms  with no problems. had major trash piled up in the car port but no damage. 

IMG 20180131 090320886

          Finished a couple more quilts on Lola. Here’s a picture of Lola naked. she’s not happy. just like a loom. naked is bad. so here’s a couple shots of what she just completed. 

IMG 20180714 130507184IMG 20180714 130516886 HDRIMG 20180728 140559785

IMG 20180804 085121162 HDR

          finally finished piecing the animal print top. some how i have trouble working in that room. not sure why. i feel confined in there even with a big bay window. need to get over it.  the pieces for this were started even before we moved here. it’s not often it takes me over a year to finish making a top. 

           Had lunch at the studio yesterday. it was bring a pot luck salad Friday.  head count was 20 participants. many more than i expected. was way more successful than expected and there’s talk of a desert pot luck Friday maybe next month. 

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          have 3 new members. this is a surprise for this time of year. Several are serious want-to-be weavers impatiently waiting for the beginning classes that start in the fall. in the mean time i’ve recommended several books so at least the vocabulary won’t be completely foreign. and one has started a rug on the twining frame. 

          Enough for now. have gotten a lot accomplished while having Grrr gone. here’s a great photo of him and the kids. he’s having a good time but i think he misses me. we chat on the phone in the evenings. He never talks like that when he’s here. looking forward to having him home this next week. 

IMG 20180726 132135700

Can’t forget Louie. this is how he watches me weave.