Blog 429

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          finished the pansy quilt on Lola. used both a colored variegated cotton and gold metalic thread.  did the all over stitching, then backed it up and did the metalic on each flower center. turned out well. then moved off to one of my own tops. got 3/4 way thru a lap top size quilt and realized the backing fabric was about 5 inches too short. it’s my quilt!!! how did i manage that???  took it off half quilted, brought it home to find  some fabric i can add to the backing that won’t look like a last minute desperate choice. Damn!   then mounted a club quilt. fortunately i noticed that it too, had a too short backing. at least i discovered it before i started stitching.  removed that one and picked up the next one. Giant quilt. back is plenty big. got everything pressed, mounted, pinned and i have no thread that is even close to matching the top nor the backing fabric. seems the universe was sending me a message that it was time to quit for the day. stopped on the way home and raided the thread stash at the quilters club and exchanged the too small backing. am off to a new start tomorrow. 

          both my looms are naked. this is just wrong. the problem is making a decision as to what to do next. i have a huge stash and more ideas than i’ll live long enough to complete. it sounds like a silly problem but i’m stuck. too much of a choice is paralyzing  Plus i know that in about a month i won’t have access to my looms or even the room for a while. everything i own will be covered in plastic by the construction workers when they remove outside wall. so that’s more pressure. it’s not a life/death issue but it creates a tiny panic in my head similar to when i was getting off pain meds. so am deep breathing and thinking calm thoughts.  i need to limit my choices.  Start by choosing two colours - no more.  short warp. easy pattern.

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          we’re also not able to enter/exit thru the front door this week. a cement finisher guy has ripped up the shabby torn carpet out there. the photo shows what the front entry way looks like now. he sanded down the cement, sealed the cracks and crevices and will be applying a fancy coating of black and gray speckles over the bare cement.  right now it just looks bare which is better than ripped ratty carpeting. 

          attended the teachers meeting. looks life my life is scheduled for the next several months. am co-teaching the beginner weaving class, then starting my class i’ve titled ‘the next step’. this gets the newbies moved from a dorothy table loom to a floor loom. weaving is pretty much the same but the equipment is way different. plus i’m working at the fall craft sale at sun dial rec center the 2 days after thanksgiving. this year me and my ipad are doing money. in previous years i’ve walked the floor helping customers and answering questions about specific items. and in my spare time i’m building a web site for the studio. And we have family coming over Thanksgiving holiday. 

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          am thinking all this will keep me busy while i don’t have access to my looms. i can still get to my sewing machine and long arm. and if i’m really desperate i can weave at the studio. still haven’t finished the circle towels yet. i’m close to the end. 

          am worried about what the construction is going to do to Louie. he still has panic attacks when the landscapers are in the neighborhood. hides for hours. will be talking to the vet about some kind of medication to mellow him out. if this were washington i’d go to the local pot shop. 

          he always seems to have a frown on his face. somehow i feel that i never life up to his expectations of me. maybe it’s a ‘mom’ thing.