Staying Busy

slow week. still no news about the trusses being delivered. i want this done!!!!  or at least started!

          Still not feeling my normal self but am forcing myself to do something. Anything. i can take my portable oxygen to the condo and use lola. i hang the strap on one of the rollers and it follows along. and i’m sewing quilt tops here at home. not weaving. even tho i moved the baby wolf into my bedroom the light is so poor i can’t see to use it.  plus i may be taking this loom to the club for a workshop. don't want to feel rushed about getting 10 yards of towels off it. 

          the sewing machine has been humming along and have 2 quilt tops together. i cheated a little - one already had the blocks built. i just had to stitch them together. 

          i don’t often buy a designer pattern but i loved this one and figured it was worth the price just to have the math done for me. i saw an advertisement for a class at one of the local quilt shops, went to sign up and it had already started.  figured i could do it on my own.  would have been much easier with an instructor. took 3 days just to cut all pieces!  the pattern showed it made out of batiks (and it was gorgeous)  but i didn’t have enough to make a good color run without going shopping. that takes energy and with the amount of stash i have i feel guilty shopping for more. 

          and after taking the photo i spotted one mistake. am trying to decide if i should take that row out and re-do or leave it as a deliberate. would be easy enough to make a new strip. If you can spot it I’m taking votes. 


          this second top is a combination of blocks from lord knows when or even what projects they were orginally intended for. There are churn dash blocks, happy squares, half of other blocks along the sides and left over diagonal strata along the top and bottom.  i’ll pass it on to my quilt group for a donation.  packed it up and started to take it over there but then realized they’d just give it back to me for quilting. it used to be so much easier before Lola moved here. someone else did the quilting. however that’s why they were so many quilts behind when i came along. 

          have been spending time with Lola. not as much as i’d like. it’s hard to be attached to my portable oxygen and work at the same time.  this animall print was ok. i could strap the portable to the top railing and it would follow along. the quilt i’m currently working on (pictures later) is probably the largest i’ve ever done and there is no room to strap the unit to the rail. the quilt takes up the entire machine. even if i could figure it out the plastic tubing doesn’t give me enough length. however this is hardly strenous work so i don’t feel any negative affects. 

          and i keep forgetting to show off my Christmas gift from Grrr. If you’re a quilter you’ll appreciate the tumbling block pattern. it’s nearly perfect!  and gorgeous!  it’s replacing my fish bowl we use for keys, wallets and misc junk we deposit when we come in the door. 

          and of course i can’t neglect Louie. here i’m asking him to please let me have my desk chair. he listens very politely and then tuckes his head back down, purrs and says ‘no’.  but at least he doesn’t threaten to rip my face off like my last cat did. 

enough for now. am off to spend time with Lola. that huge quilt is waiting.