News for the Week

          Grrr had a birthday this week.  We’d already done the Red Robin birthday burger but he wouldn’t let them sing happy birthday. So i bought him lunch and we went furniture shopping. He’d broken his recliner days ago. he spends a lot of time in that chair and it wasn’t reclining any longer. at least he was able to get out of it when it broke. turned into an all day event. he insisted on finding one that would recline without raising the foot rest. Lazyboy fit the bill. they deliver but don’t haul the old one away. his thought was to put it into the contractor dumpster but they picked up the dumpster so it’s sitting out by the portable-potty waiting for Salvation Army. 

          i came up with a storage solution for shelving in the studio space. good ol’fashioned apple crates. Grrr can make them cheaper than buying from Ikea so his ‘honey do’ list growing. he also has plans for a cutting table in the center of room with 2 drawers and a shelf for rulers. 

20190321 134331

          finished another little piece and a set of 4 placemats. am working on more place mats for the quilting club using left over fabric printed with different vegetables. Simple, fast and easy.  

          Have the customer quilt done and off Lola. She’s naked and waiting to be packed up and moved. the customer is meeting me monday to pick it up. 


          it consists of her husbands shirt fabrics and the backing is a pale yellow flannel. it looked to be an easy top but. . .  not so. some fabrics streatched and the white blocks were a weird no-iron blend from formal white shirts which puckered, there were open pockets to get the machine foot stuck in and buttons to watch out for.  she asked for easy meandering which i call stipple. used a pale yellow/white thread on the front and an actual yellow on the back. 

20190406 101307

          and my room is DONE. we’ve moved some stuff in but aren’t allowed to unpack anything. It needs the final inspection on wednesday and it can’t look like it’s ever been used when the inspector sees it. but at least we’ve got the extra furniture out of the living room.  the contractor still needs to replace the door to the garage. they installed a regular door and it has to be fire door.  they need to remove the door between the living room and the studio and the biggie on my list is that the farthest fan hangs below the ceiling electrical plug for the long arm. so which would break first - the fan blades or the electrical cord.? i’m not willing to find out. Grrr suggested a work around which may have to be used. moving either the fan or the outlet is going to leave a hole in the ceiling. somebody wasn’t paying attention. 

20190406 10353320190406 103529


out this window is where the patio will be. 

          the room is now open to Louie. His cat door (which is beside the people door) is closed which frustrates him. he’ll sit beside it and cry but life is tough. but he loves the freedom and last night was have imaginary races around and thru and back and forth. so today he’s resting.