Update on Louie Louie

          received all kinds of suggestions on how to introduce him to his new home. didn’t listen to any of them. brought him home and let him out of his crate. showed him where the litter box was, where the food and water were and let him prowl. he investigated for an hour and settled down. 

IMG 20180103 182834702

          the settling down part is entertaining. he can’t decide which lap to park on. Gets comfy on mine and 4 minutes later bounces up and moves to Grrr’s lap. snuggles down and 3 mnutes later he’s back with me.   purring at full volume the entire time.  just can’t make up his mind.  

          He did decide that sleeping with me last night was hazardous to his safety. he nestled down by my feet. part way thru the night he moved to a box of fabric in the loom room. (Grrr closes his bedroom door) Gus pretty much stayed on a pillow at the head of the bead. Louie hasn’t figured out that’s a safe place yet. 

          rescue folks told me he’s Maine Coon which explains the lion mane and huge bushy tail. told me he’s not quite a year old and will get bigger. he doesn’t talk but he does have a habit of walking with you. sometimes along side which is fine but sometimes in front and between your feet. that’s going to have to change. 

          and so far he has no interest in toys, or cat nip or his scratching post. he does like the ice out of my water glass.