Hi everyone. sorry i missed a week. Been super busy with life and recovering from a cold. 

          Our Thanksgiving was very quiet. way too much food so we have about 5 meals worth of left over turkey in the freezer. i make sandwiches and Grrr makes soup so we good with it. 

          then we had 2 days of the Bell arts and crafts sale. i worked both days as cashier. now the treasurer gets to decipher everything and do the monumental job of paying the artists and taxes etc. from my vantage point i think we did well. i was only in charge of cash and check purchases. the other cashier did the credit card transactions. and we each only worked half days. but the crowd on friday was continuous. 

            all this while the kids were here along with daughter in laws mom. They are now home except for mom. she’s staying in the condo for a week or 2 and trying to decide if she wants to become a snow bird. sure would be nice if she’d buy the condo. save us the hassle of putting it on the market. when the kids left she got her own rental car so she’s not dependant on us for transportation. i drew her instructions to get to the church of her choice, the grocery store and our house. she has contacted a realtor and she and Grrr are checking out houses over the weekend. i made her a manicure apt with my gal and am bringing her along on errands. i remember full well how confusing find your way around this town is. circular streets suck. 

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          Was contacted by the quilters that one of the quilts they sent with me had a deadline. that was never mentioned when i picked it up and i had told them i was on pause with the quilting because people were currently living in the condo. i did manage to get it done. it’s a bright happy quilt. we are - or at least i am - definitely a creature of habit. i’m so used to working solitary. no background noise, nobody coming in or out or wanting to watch or talk to me. so i chose a simple fast loopy pattern and amid multiple interruptions managed to get it done. i do need that machine brought home. 

          during all this we’ve managed to have the A/C serviced and made a carpet selection for the construction company. they were unable to match the existing berber carpet i already have in there.  it’s perfect. i even told them exactly where i purchased it. Discontinued. Drat! so we started over. the woman who works in the office is in charge of the paint and carpet. we have left over paint (not enough) but enough that they can get a match. 

          i have emptied both looms in there so for now no weaving for the duration. Am planning on doing several tiny tapestries. just need to remove what i’m going to need from that room before the plastic tarps cover everything i own. 

          as far as the construction maricopa county still has the permit so at least they haven’t turned it down. thou holidays slow things down. so no news seems to be good news. 

          also amid all this chaos and confusion i managed to get a cold. personally i think it’s from handling money. so far it’s just a nasty sore throat and head cold. don’t have time for this. had a dr appointment for a breathing test (part of my story to get new headgear for the cpap) i got there and they sent me home. don’t want to do testing when you can’t breath normally. Crap! so will be re-scheduling. 

IMG 20181110 224727389

          And Louie is doing fine. He’s been in cat heaven with all the company and extra attention. when daughter in law showed up he heard her voice before the door even opened. he ran to the door. that’s a first. in the past he always runs to hide somewhere then creeps out to check on the strangers in his environment. however once she welcomed him he got snarky and turned his back on her. Spent time kissing up to everyone else just to make her feel bad. Brat!

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          am off to Joann’s fabrics (i hate that store) but i cut the circles yardage apart and plan on sewing a bag or two. need lining and some fake suede for the bottoms. also need some that silver shinny stuff you put in pot holders. dan’t remember what it’s called. we keep burning up the few existing ones we have left. 

          temps have cooled down to the 70’s. nights get chilly.  after all it’s December. but this is how i celebrate winter. watchinng it on tv and fb. 

so till next time.