We Have A Date!

          the trusses will be delivered and the de-construction will start Monday, the 28th.  Hurray! it’s about time. now to get the weaving room packed up. have no idea where all those boxes are going to fit. hate the idea of packing them back to the condo but it may come to that. my bedroom is big but not that big and there’s a loom sitting in the middle that needs a warp in preparation for the upcoming workshop. Then over the weekend i need to get all Louie’s furniture moved out. have decided his rug and litter box will move into my shower stall. it’s big enough, his outside cat tree will move to one of my bedroom windows that isn’t blocked by boxes of weaving stuff. and he’ll be started on CBD drops in his food. he loves spending time outside in the patio and he’s going to one unhappy kitty. 

20190119 110646

So i’ve finished another quilt top. this one is out of a left over batik jelly roll. it’s now at the condo waiting it’s turn on Lola.  

IMG 20180917 142509692

and here’s a second one in process. the rows just need stitching together. Seems i had the fan on during this picture. these blocks had been built years back and stuffed in a zip lock. ran across them, cut them in half and stitched to a different half just to make it more interesting. now to finish stitching the rows together. 

          and finally completed the quilting on the biggest quilt i’ve ever taken on. giant log cabin blocks! even thou it went on forever it was enjoyable. straight and flat. no where did i have to fudge anything. the picture doesn’t show the actual size but i had just enough space to park the machine on one side and about 4 inches on the other side. 

          and here’s a long distance shot of Louie on his indoor cat tree. he doesn’t often perch on the top. it’s not that stable for such a heavy cat. and as you can see he hangs over on all sides. he gets up there and thinks about leaping onto the top of the book case or even the drapery rod. one of these days when i’m not watching and yelling at him he’ll actually try it. the window behind him will eventually be a slider onto the new patio that isn’t there yet.


          will be seeing my pulmanary dr this coming week. along with my dentist (just for a check up). am nervous about find out the results of all the tests. did get tested for valley fever but haven’t heard back on that one either. have been wearing my oxygen and causing problems with the tubing running thru out the house. it’s going to take forever to get used to it and it makes the top of my ears hurt.  that quote pretty much gives my exercise routine for the month.