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          this week Phoenix gets heavy rain causing flooding, snow, hale and a tornado. looks like the ski season just might open early this year. and once more the patio roof is still leaking. it’s better than last time but . . . . but living here you know it’s fall because the snow birds are returning and traffic is picking up. 

          so this week i’ve tried to spend time with the looms. finished 2 more towels and still have warp left. i really need to learn to write these things down but it looks to be 2 maybe 3 more towels on that beam. have the baby wolf warped and started on scarf one of two. have several more items for the fall sale i found at the condo. And still have a box of bath mats that have gone missing. 

          got a wellness check with my GP, an ortho referral for my knee,  a referral for a mamogram plus a flu shot. supposed to get a shingles shot but the pharmacy was out. they’ll call me. and the big news is that Benoit will see me. his office called even though he’s not the ortho doctor she referred me to. since i’m an established patient he’ll take me.   and have spent 3 mornings with my friendly chiropractor. and went with grrr to his cataract dr for the last appointment. now he just needs prescription glasses which have been ordered.  so we’re still both up and around. 

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          grrr's glued to the tv watching the politicians yell at each other while the country implodes. i’m fascinated by the 16 year old Greta Thunberg but worried that the rich white men that call the shots are kissing her off and tuning her out. she’s spot on. her generation will see a world like nothing we can imagine.  nothing i can do about any of it besides vote. Am narrowing down my choices but need to wait until the convention. 

          attended a general meeting at the studio. Getting lined up for the fall sale. i know the majority of snow birds aren’t back yet but we only had 22 bodies in attendance. we need to pick a date for a teacher meeting and need to find a program director for planned demo and short events for the up coming meetings.  this next meeting Fred will give a short talk and show off his baskets. we planned a silent auction for the extra spinning wheel and i will be donating my extra warping board, umbrella swift and a ball winder to the event. hated to ask out loud but i’ve only ever been to livestock auctions and had no clue how a silent auction worked. way different than my experience. 

          i believe that today’s trip to the condo will be our last load to bring back to the house. my list for this week end is to make pizzoli for Franko. He’s the husband of a friend who is an absolute ‘cat whisperer’. he shows up monthly and trims Loui’s toe nails. And Louie doesn’t fight him. isn’t please with the procedure but allows it. he won’t let me touch his front feet. ungreatful little beast. 

          not sure what i did that brought on this last pout. (maybe inviting Franko over?) there’s no making him happy. i knew thunder frightened him and during this last storm i tried to coax him out to the patio. the rain on the roof makes so much noise he refuses to cross the threshold. found him in my bed that night even before i got there. 

till next time.