11 days

Chewbacca survived his vet appointmnt.

          he was in dire need of a toe nail clipping. and i didn’t want to be the ‘bad guy’ to force him into it. he behaves so much better at the vet’s office. everyone always asks about what i do to his fur to make it so fine and soft. have stopped telling them i feed him raw chicken twice a day. i get lectures about raw food having problems. he’s also gained weight. his 7 pounds has increased to 9 pounds. one of these days he’ll hit the magic 10 pound number and his litter robot will work for him. there is not much cat body under all that fur. 

20210112 105113

         Grrr got his second covid vaccination. i went with him just to wait in line and get out of the house. not even a sore arm. i get mine next week. also am required to get a second covid test. seems the first one didn’t count. 

          made a trip to the sunshine rental place for a walker and side bars for the toilet. am slowly getting the hang of using it. can’t figure out why i’m so nervous about this surgery. i couldn’t possibly be worse than shoulders. but i keep hearing about bad outcomes. have connected with my surgery guide who’s helping me thru this. need to ask what i should wear to come home in. will jeans cover a brace or bandage or do i need a skirt? 


          yesterday we had Yourson here with a 3-d image of what the kitchen will look like. she helped me make some decisions and will be showing me different images of what’s possible. so far everything is coming together even if i don’t feel in control of anything. haven’t seem the pictures yet so no actual decisions. they will probably get started in mid May. drat. was hoping they could at least get started much sooner. but by then i should be close to done with therapy. 

          tilll next time. 



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