17 more days!


          Any society that cannot figure out how to wear a mask correctly does not deserve to continue. People need to realize the longer we don’t comply with masks and social distancing the longer we’re going to have to do it.  

          i want to thank everybody that has stood in line to vote thru out the entire country. i voted by mail. have to confess that i’ve never voted in person. fill it out and stuck it in the mail to be picked up. grrr reprimanded me for not delivering it to the post office in person like he did. but if you mailed yours here’s the link to check to see if it was received and accepted. 

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          the temps here have gone down a day or two but we’ve broken all kinds of records this year. and to think - people don’t believe in climate change. look at both coasts. one is drowning and one is burning. 

          he may not be so much an idiot because when he repeats something enough times people tend to believe him. and unfortunately it’s working. sign of a good con man.  he does believe the American people are stupid. i sincerely hope come election day we prove him wrong. 

          and on to Amy. she’s excellenet at not answering any questions. i think we could do better.

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       and Eric is even dumber than this father. dont they have somebody that pre-reads these speeches before they go out there and prove they’re idiots.

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          and with that i’m done ranting for this week. have been slowly getting the new gilmore warped and ready to go. more dish towels. have never had all 3 looms warped for towels at the same time before. i’ve said this before -dish towels are my Zen. fast, easy and even if they don’t sell i love using them. so if we have a fall craft sale next year i’ll have a good size inventory. 

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          no chewbacca news this week. i got a good one this time. he’s getting more social every day and he’s better about being head shy. i can reach out and he doesn’t flinch any longer. 

         found out i need cataract surgery within the next couple of months.  i know it’s not a big deal. my eye dr is sending me to phoenix for it. i commented that i could still thread a needle and he replied ‘not for much longer’. Drat. i hate this getting old thing. still waiting to hear from the knee surgeon. 

         have also been meeting with my germ pod group . we had taken a couple weeks off due to traveling and one member being in the hospital. 

          lost a couple more pounds. not so much on the scales but i can now pull my jeans off without unbuttoning or unzipping them. 

         and with this i’ll sign off for the week. 

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          and a huge THANK YOU to a Canadian friend. she brought us left overs from her (Canadian) thanksgiving meal and grrr and i ate ham and turkey and all the fixings for dinner last night. Well, he did. i passed on the potatoes and stuffings.

till next time. 



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