18 days and counting

          the bronchitis is all cleared up and i’ve managed to pass all the pre op-lab testing. including the chest x-ray. i get really nervous before these appointments. always afraid they’ll find something wrong. gave 5 viles of blood, peed in a jar, they re-checked my breathing, asked a lot of questions and sent Benoit a ‘she’s good to go’ note. i’m ready when they call. 

          while leaving the clinic the fellow in the elevator with me was on an angry rant. didn’t like the doctors here. they only spent 15 minutes with him and that wasn’t long enough for him to tell his story. dr announced that he had other patients to see and left. so he just needed to vent and i had the good sense to keep my mouth shut. mostly because i’d just spent 2 hours being poked and prodded. 

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           thursday there was no sleeping in. woke up to a herd of workers on the roof installing solar panels and yellow caution tape surrounding the entire house. good thing i’m not going to need my car today. it’s going to be a long day listening to them clomp around up there. now we wait for the inspection and then more waiting for aps to hook it all up. they are guessing 3 weeks. 

            and yesterday i put a deposit down on the kitchen. we have an appointment with yourson next week to see a 3-d  of what it will look like. have been going thru the internet collecting ideas on what kind of wood, flooring, and other ideas. dark cabinets? dark floor? not enough light in that room for too much dark. will not have glass doors on the cabinets. we’re not that neat and tidy. would like to match the table that grrr built but it’s dark. will wait and see what ideas she comes up with and ask for ideas on colors. and i’m letting grrr select the door pulls and handles. he hates what we have. i’m completely stalled with indcision. 

serene on the surface, paddling like hell underneath

          all of a sudden it seems like everything is happening at the same time. the kids are plannning on ariving on the 30th. they sign the papers later that week.    this  swan is so serene on the surface and paddling like hell underneath the water. i relate . how did march become so crazy?   it’s hard to believe it’s been an entire year since lock down. with 535K dead.  my empathy for all those families is overwhelming.   now to start looking forward.     

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         Chewbacca has a vet appointment next week for toe nails. he’s getting stuck in the carpet. at least he doesn’t panic. sits and cries. when i attempt to clip them he turns into a little savage. so the plan is to make the vet the ‘bad guy.

          yeserday i attended a zoom event about ‘care and recovery’ from knee replacement. sure wish they’d had information like that when i had the shoulders done. grrr and i were winging it for the first one. i now have a check off list of everything including what to bring to the hospital and what kind of anti bacterial soap to use for 5 days before surgery. and a list of items to get before i get home like walkers and safety rails for the toilet. plus i’m going to need another ice pack. and to top it all off i have to have another covid test! when i told the nurse i’d already had one and was negative she didn’t care. i’d need a second one. drat!

          enough for this week. dont’ forget to change the time.

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 never mind. 



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