29 days and counting


             as part of my pre-opt for surgery i had a covid test. negative.  (thank God). they had heard me cough. turns out i have bronchitis. (the dr was thinking pneumonia)  so now it’s steriods and antibiotics. have to be over this by surgery date. the steriods make me feel like i’m starving all the time. so much for the diet.  


          received my first vaccine yesterday at the phoenix fair grounds. second shot is several days before surgery. it was a small ouch given by a paramedic. then they made me wait 30 minutes to see if there was a reaction. not even a sore arm. was able to sleep on that side last night. 


                the kids found a house. small but very nice. 2 bath, 2 bedrooms. about 3 miles from here in Quall run. not much counter space so grrr and Steven are going to build an island for the kitchen. it’s been so nice have Shelly here for company. since she works from home she spends office time out on  the patio and Chewbacca keeps a close eye on her. that’s his room. so far she hasn’t been able to make friends with him. plus she closes her bedroom door on him. (his feelings are hurt) the plan is that they will both come back for grrr’s birthday since i’ll be in the hospital. i’m going to miss her. 

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          i wish trump would just go away. one way or another he’s working hard on keeping his name in the headline news. going to have to watch the news today to see if he gets re-inaugurated. can you believe the ego he has to not be embarrassed by this gold mockery of him.


         this is turning out to be a busy week! they are starting the solar instal on thursday and the next week is the kitchen remodel. and the week after that is my second covid shot. but at least i’m feeling not so fearful about going out. but i still wear my mask. 

          don’t think bronchitis is contagious. but not going to temp fate. then my date with Benoit. i’m so done with all the pain. have avoided the serious pain meds i was on years ago. sticking to Tylenol  am starting to think about what tattoo i should do over the new scar. thinking about the hydralic parts of a metal knee should explain it. then steve and shelly will be back. 

Squirrel in traffic quote

          enough news for now. am hoping the steriods will give me some energy back. Beth and Keith kidnapped me for lunch last week. first time i’d been out in public in weeks. thanks to them. felt good. 




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