4 more days

          interesting article about what has changed since covid started. like are pants really necessary?  

i’m sure there are many more changes than pants. 

          we both have now been fully vaccinated for covid-19.  thought we still plan on wearing masks when we leave the house.   went to the fairgrounds in phoenix for my appointment. there were definitely not busy. more workers than folks wanting a shot. it’s been 2 days and my arm still hurts like it was yesterday. 


          met with my favorite surgeon this afternoon. i’m good to go on wednesday. they plan on keeping me overnight so i can start therapy the next morning before going home.  he told me how tough i am. anyone who can do 2 shoulder replacements in 6 weeks in tougher than she thinks she is. (i was younger and dumber back then). he also wants x-rays on my ankle and hip to see how far out of alignment i’ve become but that will be after surgery. we talked about pain management. don’t want to get into trouble like that again. he’s calling in 3 days of pain meds for me and then i move to tylenol. fine by me. never want to go thru that again. and what to wear home. jeans won’t fit over the bandages. so bring shorts or pj pants. told him i’d touched base with my surgery navigator. cant get the inscision wet until the staples come out so need to stock up on saran wrap. we didn’t mention the left knee at all. it can wait until it hurts then i’ll be back in his office. 

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          Steve and Shelly will be here tuesday. looking forward to seeing them. maybe Chewbaca will decide she can touch him this time. will have to show Shelly where his food is and how much of the raw and canned he gets twice a day. not sure it would even occur to grrr to feed him.  they’ll stay here until they sign the papers on their house. 

          and Yourson consruction can’t even start until mid-May. drat! i’m tired of being patient. 

          no more news. will write when i’m home from the hospital to let everyone know i survived.  till then stay healthy. 

          woke up late this morning and am still exhausted. thinking everything is catching up with me. or maybe it’s the covid shot after effects? don’t know don’t care. going down for a nap. 



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