a wasted week

20210710 190838

          no news this week. spent the entire week avoiding touching my foot. still looks really bad but now it’s starting to itch which i take as a good sign. have been using blue emu oil every night on it. seems to calm it down.

          the therapy class got moved to the 20th at a different location. seems the theripist i was scheduled to see is going to be gone until next month. but so far this week i’ve stayed on my feet.

          we had real rain last night. and the temps are under 110 for a change. on occasion i ask grrr why we moved here. Chewbacca refused to go to the patio last night and spent the entire night under the covers with me. 

          still haven’t heard from Yourson on taking delivery of the new appliances. 

          and grrr’s having fun experiemting on his new griddle. so far everything has been eatable. 

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          looks like we’re back to wearing masks. at the dentist, at the theripist office, at the chiro office. i don’t mind. not willing to gamble with more time in the hospital. Arizona has bad air quality. if it’s not the ozone layer, it’s smoke and/or dust. have been taking sinus meds almost every day

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         Here’s my handsome baby. who has discovered pushing everythng off the nightstand and end table is great entertainment. 

           hoping for more and better news next week. 



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