anoher x-ray

          it’s now just in case been a month since my cane fell on my foot. had a regular check up with my gp. she sent me for an x-ray. so today it’s extra sore due to her poking around on it yesterday. she admitted she’d never seen green toes before. i’m beginning to be a regualar at the x-ray place. 

          my doctor called while i was in therapy and assured me nothing was broken or even cracked. which means no wrapping or wearing a boot. so greatfull. the blood pressure cuff left a huge bruise on my arm. looks  like i've been beaten. time for long sleeves.

foot fracture

           Brian ( my therapist) really worked me over. by the time i left my thigh muscles were twitching and threatening to cramp up. even getting out of bed this morning was tough. it hurts to walk. i complained that my left knee was growling and grinding and he actually got on the floor and put his ear to my knee to hear it. and agreed that it didn’t sound good. i never want to go thru this again. and to think that Benoit told me shoulders were the worst!!! he lied. i also wore long jeans to the therapy treatment. won’t do that again. the denim fabric irritated the incision and today it still feels alive. 

20210721 171046

          an electrician spent yesterday here re-wiring for the new stove. the kitchen is still just an emply room. with caution tape. but Chewbacca can’t read and does't really care. everytime a worker shows up he’s on my lap but when they leave he has to inspect what they’ve done to his house. 

          between dr appointments and therapy classes i haven’t been to the pool. at least the weather has been cooler. 


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