another big win

               so this week is the start of the monsoons. my big win this week is that i can finially get out of the bath tub without help. independance is great!!!


              when i left fairway pool the reader board said temp was 122 degrees. ouch!  and i watch natives walk around bare foot on the cement around the pool.  have been going to the walking pools almost every day. today some one who has been paying attention commented to me that i was walking faster than last week. although the turtle can still win the race. chewbaca wins every morning on the race to his breakfast dish. 

           and i’ve been practicing on the stairs into and out of the pool. this moring my entire body hurts from what i have no idea. havent taken another fall. but still not sleeping well. even though we run the a/c continually. 


20210616 104914

           and for whatever reason Chewbacca has taken to sleeping in his travel crate which i never put away. maybe he thinks he’s hidden but he keeps a close on eye on where i am and what i’m doing  from there. course when it comes to taking him to the vet it’s a battle to get him in it. 

                   got a call from Yourson Construction about the kitchen. we’ve finailly gotten to the top of the waiting list. so next week we’ll go sign the contract and start emptying the cupboards. 

till next week.



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