another late update

20210416 124031

           have kind of lost control of what day it is. but at least the dr’s office calls and tells me i have an appointment the next day. 

          hurray. they took out the line of staples. now it’s just butterfly tape across the incision  doesn’t feel nearly so tight. but first they paintd it with red/orange disinfectant. but at least that covered up the bruises. 


          didn’t actlually see Benoit. saw one of his students. i can bend at 90 degrees but they want more. and i don’t have to worry about the knee doing a back bend like it used to on occasion. the new joint has a lock that won’t let it do that. the majority of the bruises on my arms and hands have gone but the medical folks kept looking at my right eye. the eye has clearned up but the bruising on the outside towards my hair line is still looking like someone has punched me in the face. he didn’t mention anything about it but kept expecting him to ask. grrr was with me and thankfully he didn’t even open his mouth. am finially able to much more on my own. one of these days i’ll give up the walker. i need to be able to carry a cup of coffee across the room. according to the doctor i saw my progress is right where it’s supposed to be. 

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          met with Yourson construction and made some decisions on counter top, back splash and cabinet color. grrr chose the handles and knobs. he’s the fussy one in this house. still argueing about the floor. 

          had another home therapy session today. am currenty attahed to my ice pack. it was noticed that grrr was leaving me on my own but i’m getting a lot more independant lately. fed chewbacca by myself this morning and made my own coffee. it’s just getting it to the recliner that’s the problem. theripist told me to walk tall. i’m dipping when i use my right leg. need to focus on standing tall. 

enough for today my knee is swelling just sitting here. time for my ice pack. 



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