back home and worse for wear

passed my second covid -19 test. hospital needed one 72 hours before surgery so sunday it was. i swear that q-tip goes all the way into your brain. will find out the results tomorrow. 

whoever told me that knees wern’t as bad as shoulders lied! 

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           surgery did have some complications - blood clots. surprized everyone.  spent 5 days on major blood thinners to get them disolved. all good now. thank goodness for Shelly being here playing nurse made. she got me in and out of the shower.

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          having in home therapy so i don’t have to crawl in and out of the car. had excellent nursing care and look like a pin cushion including an eye bleed.

          they left one screw in. tossed the second one.  was told that it still looked to be needed. removed the baker cyst from the back of the knee and put extra cartilige in between the new joint.  currently it’s turning yellow and green under the bandage. and he as very generous with the staples. not pretty.  i never look good just waking up.

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    Grrrr has learned to feed Chewbacca. who only punished ne for 20 minutes when i got home. then spent the entire night sleeping on my shoulder. am getting around with my walker and 3 days out i can get off the toilet without help. that is worth celebrating! everyone at the hospital was asking what tattoo i was going to decorate my knee with. havent decided yet.  till next time


will try to get caught up with email.

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