busy week

          no rant this week. have tuned out the news. trump is being trump and the covid rages on killing over 133 thousand Americans (as of yesterday). it seems a really harsh way to cut down the population. so far we’re both healthy. We’re careful. wear our masks and stay at least 6 feet from others. no eating out. that’s going to be a long while. 

          had a visit with a gal from Luke air force base. she belongs to desert weavers group in phoenix. she wants to be a weaver and knows nothing about it and can’t find a place to take a class. i invited her to visit my studio. am not willing to teach but answered a lot of her questions. (it’s hard for me to look at that room from a strangers view point.) she asked good questions and i discovered she’s pretty realistic about what she wants to do. she has two toddlers at home and is also going to school. (wish i had that kind of energy). i know of a rigid heddle for sale at a reasonable price and recommended she start there. I’ll throw some carpet warp into the mix so she can start. i’ve never used one and have no clue how to warp it but am sure we can find someone to get her started. youtube is a great resource. 


          in preparation for this meeting i had the gilmore loom completely warped and 2 others partially. the white cotton warp is for samples of different setts for Jan’s class. starting with 13 yards and will tie on if needed. the multi color warp will be a run of dish towels.

warpping mill

 the warpping mill is showing how i get to the chain rather than using a warping board. 

loom 3


          also had plans to meet with a fellow long-arm quilters who is new to sun city. she joined the quilters club i belong to and is looking for customers. i offered her one of the club quilts i have sitting here waiting for attention. this way the group can see her work. i’m sure there are enough quilts for both of us and i could use the time off from Lola. she contacted me and let me know she was moving out of state so wouldn’t be looking for local customers. Drat!

this one is waiting to be picked up. can’t seem to contact the owner. 

20200709 101225

          also had a dr appointment with my pulmanary dr. all is well. we talked about the bloody noses i get in the mornings and decided i needed to crank up the humidifier. Which i’ve done. it helps. it’s just a pain to keep filled with enough water to make it run. takes 3 gallons at a time. and goes thru all 3 gallons in 24 hours. i also purchased a smaller version for the studio to help keep the long arm thread from getting so dry and brittle. am hoping it makes a difference. 



          this is the forcast for this weekend. too hot to have breakfast on the patio. if it’s under 100 i’m comfortable out there but this last week has been brutal. 

20200704 191213

          and Chewbacca has a beauty shop appointment on Monday. for a bath and a toe nail clip. his foster mother told me she had done his nails but i don’t think so. he happy foots right thru my clothing. i’ve also changed his diet. am feeding him raw ground chicken. i mix the raw with his canned. have never seen a cat clean a plate that well. i never need to wash it. he’s adjusting well as you can see. he was warming up to grrr until he managed to tip grrr and the recliner upside down. 

          Grrr reclines his recliner all the way back. Now Chewey isn’t a heavy cat but he jumped from my lap to the head rest of gary’s recliner and just that little bit of extra weight made the entire chair, gary and the cat tip over backwards. He hasn’t gone near gary or that chair since. As funny as it was it scared all of us. was thinking i was going to have to call for help to come get gary out of that chair as I couldn’t tip it back upright without help. he managed to roll out over the side and get up from there but as funny as it was i could watch grrr’s face turn red from being upside down. 

this is my political statement for the week. 

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hang in there everyone. i miss all of you. 

till next week. 


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