Cat Rodeo

           first i need to talk about Chwebacca’s trip to the beauty shop. WOW!  Expensive and tramatic. they suggested if i ever need to have him bathed again that he be sedated first. they did shave his belly where the matts were, trimmed his nails, ears and then did a shampoo. he was fine until they turned the water on. he managed to escape from the harness that kept him in the tub. went up the wall of cage doors freaking out every dog and cat in the place to a storage area they hadn’t touched in years. took a ladder to to get him down and one of the employees took a bad bite thru the web of her hand. managed to get him back into the tub and the whole thing happened a second time. took 3 people to wash one 7 pound cat. 

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          they recommended he never get bathed again or at least at a different pet spa. it also took way longer than his alloted appointment time  and his hair still seems to have shampoo residue in it. they called, i collected my cat (they wern’t willing to reach into his cage), paid the bill and promised i’d never bring him back. at least he’s not holding a grudge.  i managed to brush out the left over shampoo and his hair feels so soft. 

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          this is the current quilt mounted on Lola. it’s a bright scrappy, happy quilt and the other photo is showing the back. the stitching pattern shows up much better on the solid color backing. but even with air conditioning it get seriously warm in there. after several passes i need a break plus the knee is giving me grief. every step i take it shifts and i want to scream. the brace the therapist gave me won’t fit over long pants and those cutoff’s really did need washing. 

        These days, whenever someone asks me how I’m doing, I struggle for an answer.  On one hand, I am acutely aware of my good fortune: a safe comfortable home; my favourite human and a feline companion as my lockdown buddies; a loom and other projects to work on; the ability to connect with friends and family. 

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          But then the page turns and out comes the unfortunately: it’s emotional whiplash. things are unravelling, both personally and the bigger world picture. (141 thousand dead) my mental health is taking a beating and i’m suspecting everyone else’s too.  i’m angry and exhausted. 

          i can’t understand how people can be so stupid as to make wearing a mask a political issue. sure it’s freedom of choice. your choice to stay virus free, or very ill and possibly dead. think about that for a minute. wake up people!. this is not science fiction. this is not fake news.  this is real life - the only one you are going to get. are you willing to gamble with it. apparently a lot of you are. 

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          i’ve seen too many ads and cartoons like this. “My God will protect me."  no he won’t. he’s giving you the option of saving yourself and your fellow humans and your ignoring it. if you don’t believe the science at least use some common sense. 

                    when this started in March it was fear and boredom, at that time i thought it would only be a couple of months of social isolation. i could manage that because there would be an end date. however -  now - i want my old normal back. maybe it wasn’t healthy either but it was/is my comfort zone. if we ever return to a new normal what will it look like? will this ever be over? will American and the world survive this? do we have anything to look forward to?  

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stay safe everyone. WEAR THE DAMN MASK!!!

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