Chewbacca needs a new home


           and it wouldn’t upset Grrr if you took me and my cat. some how they’ve started a war. Chewey is scared of Grrr so he goes in and pees on his bed. but currently right at this moment Grrr is angry over everything - even the kitchen  he’s waiting for $1000.00 of hardware to make the shelving slide in and out so he can pull and see into the back of the cupboards. he is also angry that he didn’t get all the drawers he wanted. he swears he made it perfectly clear to Yourson. (so i’m staying out of it.) these are things i didn’t realize until he told me i had not read the contract closely enough. i think the kitchen is fine. but in the mood he’s in he just seems to enjoy being angry at everything.- maybe he needs my medication. 

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          it’s getting harder to keep my mouth shut. i’m out of anti-depressants.  he keeps threatening to put Chewey out for the coyotes. i’ve suggested that when he eats breakfast he also feeds the cat. nope-  not his responsibility. i can hear the cat from my bedroom, asking for food. have also suggested kitty prosiac for either or both of them. 

           and yes, Chewey is a complete moma’s boy. either on my lap or shoulder or under the covers in bed. or even sitting on the keyboard. (makes the mac go crazy).

          therapy is still an ongoing weekly thing. my left leg is getting stronger. and i love my new cane. have managed to stay upright for several weeks now. when i get to therapy Brian always asks if i’ve managed to fall again. and when i say no everyone claps.. 

          i’d rather Chewey go to someone i know than allow Grrr to drop him off at 4-Paws. this cat has stolen my heart.


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