counting the days(32)


            am scared that i popped the tendion in my ankle that was so painfull. i could hear it throughout my body when it broke, the pain went up my leg and now my ankle isn’t stable either. but the swelling has gone down.  this has got to be fixed. am using a  borrowed walker. 


            we made the trek to sun city west for covid vaccines. they wouldn’t give me one but grrr got his. so far so good. his arm isn’t even sore. came home and he managed to get me an appointment at the stadium on the 3rd. this shouldn’t have been so hard. walgreens told me they would be making appointments after this coming weekend. update - grrr got me an appointment at the stadium!


          we’re working with yourson construction  on the kitchen . they are trying to set us up with an architect. and waiting to hear when the solar installation will be. 

            went to look at house about 1 mile away for the kids. from the outside it looks fine. big front patio, no landscaping. looks like the back yard has cyclone fencing. we will be meeting with their realitor later this afternoon. and will report to them this evening. will find out if Shelly will be here this week. am looking forward to the company. she wants to have eyes on the house before she signs the papers. don’t blame her. little does she realize all that will be going on while she’s here. 

          busy making multiple dr appointments for pre-op on my knee. so turning out to be a busy month visiting with diffrent doctors. still getting over the cold grrr brought home. sound worse than i feel. but am finally sleeping better. 

            had our taxes done. ended up paying both the irs and arizona because we sold the condo for a profit. drat!. next year should be much simpler.

            so much for taking grrr out for his birthday. i’ll be in surgery so maybe will have it delivered. my plan was southern fried chicken from craker barrell. his favorite chicken. 

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            this is definately Chewbacca in the mornings. once i have my feet on the floor we race down the hall to his food dish and my coffee pot. needless to say he always wins. have never had a cat who got so excited about food that his tail actually vibrates. 

till next week. 


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