Debate or Bar Room Brawl 


          i’m assuming everyone watched trump being his best bully self on tuesday  20 minutes in i almost asked Grrr to turn it off. i was angry at all three people. Chris Wallace had lost control and never regained it.  am guessing he’ll never volunteer to moderate again. they need to find a stay at home mom with a bunch of roudy kids. she’ll know how to maintain order. what’s wrong with shutting down trumps mike? 


          We did watch till the end but it was painful and exhausting.  trump turned off every woman in the country by his rude behavior. his constant interrupting of both Joe and Chris Wallace. his dodging of questions and labeling the pandemic as a ‘politial thing’. he had a list of items that Joe Biden had said that were not true i’m sure just to get under his skin. his refusal to condemn the white supremacists and his encouragement of the ‘proud boys’ telling them to stand by. trump wants credit for bringing back football. ( there are more important things in life). and how about injecting bleach to kill the virus. he assured the world that he did pay more than 750.00 in taxes. Biden should have brought an IRS agent with him stand in the wings and rattle trump. 

           over all this debate was a disgrace. What an embarrassment to the United States of America. Trump’s conduct and behavior are an outrage. He is a blustering, lying, bullying and incompetent fool. does he really believe this will win him votes?  all he did was demonstrate how ignorant he is. and i can’t wait till he’s gone. 

          Biden stuck to his theory that you can’t fix the economy until you fix the virus. and i agree. 

looking forward to Pence and Kamala next week.. am expecting her to wipe the floor with him. 


just couldn’t put off my rant until this weekend.  hoping the rest of the week has less anger. 


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