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          I’m sick of covid-19. I’m sick of black vs. white. I’m sick of Democrats vs. Republicans. I’m sick of gay vs. straight. I’m sick of Christians vs atheists. I’m REALLY sick of the media. I’m sick of no one being allowed to think what they want & feel what they do without offending someone. I am sick of the nosey ass people who call the cops when anyone does anything they don’t approve of. I am sick of blaming a whole group for the sins of a few.
We’re one race—the h
uman race. 
thank you to Barb Summers. 


          and by pulling down and destroying historical statues and figures from the past you are not changing history. it happened. we need to learn from it - not hide it in the closet so we can ignore it.  i’ve ranted on the state of the world/country before. am getting off my soap box (for now).  i need to stop watching the news. 

          so if we stop testing the number of cases will go down. Does that work if i stop weighing myself? 

          So in the middle of this our country is celebrating a birthday. makes me wonder how many more we can get thru?

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          Chewbacca is adjusting. he’s not the smartest beast i’ve ever owned and  still hasn’t figured out the cat flap. he won this round - i removed the flaps so he can see thru it.  he’s also discovered that sleeping on a mounted quilt on Lola is his personal hammock. so now when i’m done for the day i cover the quilt in progress with tin foil. so far it’s working.  he much prefers staying in that end of the house. seldom comes down the hall to spend the night. don’t know what it is about the studio space that he’s so attached to. he also acts like the tile floor in the kitchen is lava. hesitates to come in there and won’t eat if i’m working/cleaning in there. will only eat if he’s alone. and he’s always hungry. have started feeding him raw meet from the pet store. He LOVES IT!. mix it with his can stuff. this cat also does not follow me everywhere which is kind of nice. i don’t have to check where he is and when i have company here i never can find him to show him off. am hoping he’ll get over it. he’s also comfortable enough to nap in the middle of the living room floor which i take as a good sign. 

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            This teal quilt is the current customer quilt on Lola or should i call it Chewey’s new sleeping place.   

             and Grrr’s been busy too. has a whole new display of hand turned pens. my favorite is the third from the left. It has polka dots in a lighter color wood. 

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20200629 114100
20200620 115839

          managed to get several of my own tops finished 

up to the quilting stage. found bindings and backings for them. 


          my bruises are clearing up nicely and i can now bend my toes without whimpering.  

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                           turns out folks in arizona are stupid. we’re having thousands test positive for covid every day. is it a personal challenge to see if they can live thru it? is it a test of the hospitals? are these the same people who wear Maga hats?  if it’s ok to wear life jackets, bike helmets, sunscreen and seat belts what is the difference. but being asked to wear a mask they are outraged about having their freedoms taken away. turns out this is an IQ test!

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         PHOENIX - Newly released numbers from Arizona health officials show more than 2,000 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours. According to new numbers released Saturday morning, 2,695 new COVID-19 cases have been reported, raising the total number of cases to 94,553. 17 new deaths were also reported, raising the death toll to 1,805. and from what i can find 195 are in my zip code. turns out we are stupid!

       stay healthy everyone. i want to see you all are back when this is ever over. 


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