feeling better

          i’m feeling so much better.  since the isloation is not mandatory any longer it’s now my choice. just having the option so stay at home and be control of what i want to participate in and where i want to go has lifted a lot of the dark feelings. 


          had a birthday this week.  normally my birthday is a bad period. it’s not the getting older. it’s the fact that it’s the anniersary of when my mother died.  i have always believed she planned it that way. it was her last opportunity to punish me for failing to live up to her expectations. 

          also had a visit with my knee surgeon this week. takes a lot just to get into the office during this pandemic. took my temp twice. first time it was high - had just gotten out of hot car. second time it was much lower.   Got purell’d and checked that i wore my mask. after i expained away the scabby bite marks on the back of my legs (and listened to his lecture on cat bites). we talked options. i’m not eager for surgery particarly not at the beginning of the hot weather. i’m scheduled for an MRI, so he can see exactly what will need to be done.  wearing a pain patch for the arthritis,  a couple of therapy sessions to build up the muscle in that leg and injections of some new fluid into the remaining cartilage and possibly draining the cyst back there. but the bottom line is that all this is just postpoinging the inevitable. deep down i knew that. 


          Completed a beautiful quilt on Lola. it’s small but it’s also my favorite color combination. brown and black. used a verigated brown and black thread and did a simple stipple pattern. thought about keeping this one but drat, she wanted it back. 

          the red/pink is the next in line. she wants feathers. and am still thinking about should i do each block with a feather block or do rows of feathers? can’t make a decision yet. 


          we had a small board meeting on the patio in regards to re-opening the weaving club. it’s going to be slow and painful. lots of new rules changes. RCSC will be assigning us a date as soon as the president get is it all written up. then i’ll send out a mass mailing of the changes. 


    if anyone is interested in adopting a well behaved cat and dealing with the aggression problems please let me know. i hate the idea of giving up on him.  but i’m at the point of just being DONE. 




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