chair potato

can’t see well enough to sew, knit, read, do a jig saw puzzle. bored!!!    dropped into my eye dr’s office. they offered to remove the lense from the left eye in my current glasses. it helped a little but now i have NO depth perception. unable to drive without being a road hazard.   now the glasse feel a little lop sided on my face. purchased a pair of sun glasses. it’s amazing how much better i see with the left eye. have several dr appointments during the coming week. can’t wait to get the right eye done after Christmas. 

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          it’s hard to get into my head that next week is christmas. and then New Years!

May 2021 be the year for global reset. 

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          the weather is too cold for breakfast on the front patio. i’m perfectly comfortable between 80 and 100. but it’s been 65-70 and it’s chilly. 

         Pfizer says millions of doses of vaccine are languishing in warehouse as Trump botches critical rollout in final weeks of presidency.   The outgoing Oval Office occupant has abdicated any semblance of duty, failing to quickly and competently distribute the vaccine to a country that desperately needs it.  he’s out playing golf. 


         only 33 days before they haul trump out of the white house. i hope they have a lot of cameras. i want to watch. also seems like his neighbors in floriada don’t want him back. i completely understand. 

          then Trump ordered Biden’s security briefings from the Pentagon stop, just as news broke that America is under a vast and incredibly dangerous cyber attack from the outgoing president’s pals in Russia. there is somethink trump doesn’t want Biden to find out about. 

hurry up Biden! we need you. 

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          i do walk through my room on occasion and think about doing some cleaning and organizing but it’s just ovewhelming. maybe if i could see a little better. i have a million unfinished projects including 3 looms in various stages of being dressed.  but then i see a photo of this work space on some one’s blog and think maybe mine isn’t that bad after all. 

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And Chewbacca says ‘hi’ to his fan club. tried to brush him but his tolerance is low for sitting still and primping. he’s such a love and still insisting on sleeping under the covers. there is no way he’s cold with the amazing amount of fur that he drops on the carpet. am so glad i found him. 

enough for now. sorry there’s no new news happening. 

may everyone have a great christmas even if it’s over zoom. stay home, stay safe and wear your mask!


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