getting my life back

         my walker and i attended a quilters meeting for the first time in over a year. took 2 charity quilts home to practice on. it’s been over a year since Lola has been turned on and the computer needs to be charged up. lots of people there and i had a good time visiting with everyone. shouldn’t have been surprised about how many of the woman have had knee replacements. got home and took a nap before we went out for my birthday dinner.

         need to boost my energy level. went to the walking pool with Shelly yesterday. got a lot of sun and exercise. not as unstable in the water a i was expecting. lots of people there. i walk too slow and manage to hold up traffic. maybe if i go later in the day it won’t be as crowded. and yes i used sun screen on my incision. don’t want to give Benoit a reason to yell at me. i’ve been passing his tests so far and want to keep up my grade. haven't been brave enough to try the ladder into and out of the pool. baby steps with hand rails to hang onto. 


        am beginning to sleep better. at least not getting up during the night to prowl the house. still having  trouble getting comfortable to go to sleep. so still taking my codine meds. and ice packs before bed.  

          so today i’ve managed to mount a chairity quilt and charge up Lola and her computer. now to decide which color thread and which stitch pattern to use. for this quilt it’s got to be bright orange. 

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          refusing to get into a rant on the Arab/Jewish problem. but the folks in california and new york need to let it go. if they want to fight move to where the fight is. don’t drag it home. 

          i feel like i’ve aged 100 years just since januray 2021.

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          so far we’ve had several days over 3 digit temps. and Chewbacca knows where the coolest spots on the house are. directly under the fans. and yet he still sleeps under the covers with me at night. 



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