Giving Thanks and looking ahead

Corona 13 Oct 03

          We have a lot to be thankful for. good food, good friends even if they are on the computer screen. we’re both relatively healthy,  looking forward to a vaccine and resuming our regular life. 

          yes, we’re having turkey but i’m not cooking it. the oven in this house isn’t big enough for a whole bird. ordered turkey dinner from cracker barrell with all the fixings.  just have to pick and choose what i can eat and what i need to avoid. (like pie) we just have to warm it up. and grrr invited a friend who’s wife is back in washington getting her dad ready to move here.  And we can freely recommend Cracker Barrell take out holiday food. i ordered a meal for 4. the guys are both big eaters. everything was good and we still have some leftovers for actual thanksgiving day sandwiches. and no actual cooking. i did have to warm it up. thinking we’ll order christmas dinner from them too. (Only gained one pound. )

          my germ pod group cancelled this week. to much stuff to do getting ready for company. we’ll meet the next week unless someone is in quarantine.

         finally figured out the secret to the bread machine. grrr found a completly different recipe on you tube and it worked. way less flour. so the third loaf was the charm. and now we’re out of yeast. and no one wants to brave the grocery store this week. i’m asking for the same recipe than his friend sent home with us. it was much lighter than what i’m making. 

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          good news from California. grrr’s oldest brother is doing well after being tested positive for covid. both he and the entire family are improving daily. thinking i’ll make a few of these and send them to family members. 

          has anybody noticed the Biden picks for his cabinet! they all have relevance experience for the job and are impressive. the national security team that he’s announced is just what we need. compassionate, experienced, ethical. it’s apparent that the new administration values expertise and respects the law. a welcom departure from the past 4 years. 

          news has not been nearly as exciting as in the past. trump still says he won and still filing law suits and offering pardons. don’t care. i’m so done with him. Maybe it’s pandemic talking but a year from now we won’t be obsessively checking our phones every day for impending doom and disaster news. guess i’m superstitious but looking down the road i keep wondering what’s coming next. and not necessarily caused by trump. waiting for the feline uprising, the alien invasion or even yellowstone’s old faithful to take out part of the country. 

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          Visited the weavers club yesterday and signed up a new member. she arrived in SC in january and joined several different clubs. then covid hit and everything got shut down. she has a loom at home but wants and misses the social aspect of like minded people. i gave her a tour and introduced her to several other weavers. 


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          and before i go Chewbacca says hi to his fan club. Sorry he’s looking a little rumpled but i disturbed his nap time in the guest bed. he’s such a serious little guy and still insisting he sleep under the covers.

till next week. 


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