graduated to a cane

          but need lots of practice using it. still take and use the walker when i go anywhere. also woke up with a bad eye bleed. saw my local eye doctor yesterday. feels like there’s something in it scratching the inside of the eye lid. he explined that it's due to the blood thinner i’m on for the next 6 months.  also had an appointment with my breathing dr and she asked about the eye. she was guessing i had taken a tumble over my walker.  nope. i’m terrified of falling down. somebody looks at me the first question they ask is it from getting tangled up with the walker. so now i’m living in dark glasses. not taking a picture of my eye. too gory!. but every morning i check to see if it’s clearing up. not so far. 

          did get a pedicure yesterday too. a little awkward getting in and out of her chair but i did it without any help. this week’s color is emerald green, my birthstone color. that’s it for any news. but i’ll be seeing Benoit on friday. am planning on asking permission to drive. grrr says ‘no’. so Benoit is the tie breaker.


          had another meeting with the construction company. they’ve backed up the kitchen starting date to sometime in august/september. last time we talked it was mid may. 

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         was  very quiet week. no drama. had dinner with beth an Keith from Wok Fire have enough left overs for several more meals. Chewbacca was being his normal bratty self. Keith managed to touch him but not Beth. 

         was asked if i’d be willing to teach a beginning class at the club. going to hunt down Jan W. and ask if she’s even in the neighborhood. haven’t accomplished anything in my room this year other than getting a 10 inch scar on my leg. 

          need to find a cane of my own so i can bling it up. etsy has some nice wooden ones i could add beads and decorate. 

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          got notice that the quilters are open and having a party with free fabric. and grrr needs some sewing done on his new shorts to make his cell phone pocket fit his phone. 

        showing off his belly in the sunshine. 

hoping next week i’ll be driving. 



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