How did december happen?


          as slow as i feel time is moving i’m shocked that it’s december already. The virus is growing at an alarming rate with over 270 thousand dead so far. (815 in Sun City alone) and the medical people are saying it’s only going to get worse. this country was told that traveling for the holidays was a bad idea and thousands did it anyway. We stayed home and had one guest for dinner. so please everyone - wash your hands, wear your mask, stay at least 6 feet apart and stay home. the news tonight even suggested having groceries delivered rather than go shopping. 

Corona 13 Oct 16

No great news this week. still napping thru the news and getting mentally ready for eye surgery this coming week. was contacted that they will pick me up at the house at 12:30. the medical center is in scottsdale. and then they deliver me back home when i’m done. am eager to get it done. am beginning to tell that the left eye is out of focus which makes threading heddles harder than it needs to be. have also been told that it will change how color looks. 

i've also had to make dr appointments with both my doctors so i can have surgery. both doctors needed to sign a release so i can do this. Grrr never had to jump thru all these hoops to get his eyes fixed. first got a chest xray and had blood work done and then consulations with both drs. so far i’m healthy. 

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          can’t believe that trump is still filing law suits and having public televised melt downs telling the world that he won the election. all the while Biden is selecting his team. and tonight trump announced that during Biden’s’ inaguration he’s going to announce he’s running again in 2024. he’s trying to convince his cult that everyone else cheated and that’s why he lost. i think he’s logic is that he’s the victim and he’ll get sympathy votes. i’m praying for an arrest sometime during the next 4 years. or maybe an abduction by aliens. i just want him gone from the news.  

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                      enough of trump.  

          My current complaint of the week is everybody has already decorated for christmas. we’ve talked about it. I’ll look for a wreath for the front door and get a couple of santa hats for the lions out front. Grrr seems to think that is way more than necessary. We’re not even exchanging gifts this year. nobody needs/wants anything. absolutely no holiday spirit.  Will be ordering a ham dinner from cracker barrell like we did for thanksgiving.

          Now to just be patient and wait for knee surgery in (hopefully) February and the covid vaccine sometime after the first of the year. my last dr appointment mentioned that it’s possible that all elective surgeries will be put on hold again. hospitals are filing up. being patient is not one of my strengths. and just to prove it’s really safe all living ex-presidents have volunteered to get vaccines publicly to prove it’s safe.

this made my day!

          i did some reaearch to find out why Christin was wearing a purple wig. seems that she hasn’t been able to get her blond roots touched up so she’s simply covering it up. perfectly logical to me. 


          managed to really make Chewbacca angry with me. his toe nails were so long he got stuck in my comforter and i had to unstick his foot. made him a vet appointment the next day and he got clipped. brought him home and he wouldn’t even look at me. wouldn’t eat dinner and refused to sleep in my room. what a brat! i got the message. fights me. he fights them but didn’t bite anydody. so he did good. i can handle some rejection.. 

                                                      this is my prayer for the coming year!

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have a great and safe week everyone. 



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