for Grrr’s birthday i get a new knee!.. Hurray!  March 31. as of today it seems a long way away. but as long as the electrive surgeries don’t get cancelled again i’ll be good to go. currently the tendonities in the ankle is more painful than the knee. have access for a walker (no crutches for these shoulders) have a driver and several offers of transportation if needed. and of course this will all probably coinside with having no kitchen.  and for a knee replacement i have to watch a video of the care and feeding of the new joint. never did anything like this for shoulders. i expect to be in therapy a long while. 30 years ago i spent a whole year learning to walk with no limp. so my plans for taking him out for a big birthday dinner have been cancelled.

          we did eat in a restruarnt for valentines day. i had my mouth all set for strawberry crepes but they had changed their menu so wasn’t an option. 

          we met with Yourson construction this week to discuss the kitchen. looks like they can’t match the existing cupboards. told us they were the orignals that had been re-faced. so we’ll have to start over. going in next week to select new cupboards, wood and colors. counter tops and then they send us to spencers for new oven, microwave and built in stove top. and remodeling a kitchen does not need to be inspected at every turn. we didn’t discuss how long it would take or when they could start. 


          i think we’ve got an appointment for covid vaccine next week. so that’s another goal almost completed. 

       still have not accomplished anything but a lot of audible books. good thing i have a large library out there. i prefer not to listen to the same book twice. plus i stock up when they have a sale. 

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          it’s finially going to get warmer. i’ll be able to sit on the front patio and sink into a book and watch traffic at the intersection run red lights. 

           the germ pod group has made the decision that as soon as we all have been vaccinated we’ll start meeting up again. potentially in april. 


          and Chewbacca says hi to his fan club. he knows how handsome he is mostly because i keep telling him so.  wish he enjoyed being brushed so i wouldn’t have to hold him down and use the scissors on him.  but he always forgives me. 




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