I like Boring

          was talking politics with a friend. she commented that she wasn’t fond of Biden because he was boring. now this woman is a weaver and quilter. What hobby could be more borning than these? both these are repetitive for hours at a time. Personally i prefer boring. it’s comfortable because nothing is going wrong. the 8 years with Obama were pretty boring. no scandals, no law suits. the world felt safe. Maybe because the public just didn’t know about it. i want that time back. and i think Biden will fill the bill. we’re just used to the chaos and drama of the trump administration. he loves his drama. and his followers thrive on it too. since their life is so boring they feed off his what he sells.  and of course grrr is watching the RNC convention.  all the lies just makes me angry so i grit my teeth and plug into an audio book. 

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          have been working on towel number 2 on the pendleton loom. it still has a problem. i’m working away and about every 12 weft shots it looses tension. everything starts unrolling. lost my cool and walked away. one of grr’s friends was here working in the wood shop and i asked him to take a look (he has good vision).  he managed to dismantle the front cloth beam which isn’t made to come apart and put a washer in between the brake and the cross pieces. put it back together and i’m hoping (praying) it will work. will give it a test run this week end. Ps it’s working so far. 



          met with my germ pod friends. plus had several others here this week talking weaving. it’s so nice having company. except while saying good bye in the drive way the next door neighbor came out to visit and stayed. as worried as she sounds about covid she doesn’t seem to understand what masks are for, or social distancing, or not touching me. AACCKK!

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           have been playing around with these pieces on the design wall. i like the idea of it but it’s just not working out. going to remove all the yellow and orange pieces and replace them with greens. green and purple are my comfort colors. something i always fall back on because they work. sometimes purple and orange work too but not this time.  have discovered that i no longer have patience to make quilt blocks with lots of little fussy pieces. i want simple and fast and if using precut jelly rolls saves my shoulders so much the better. 


          and beware! if you spend any time on Pinterest know that they keep track of what you look at. i received an email suggesting that i needed a new and different hobby. their recommendation was painting rocks.   he’s cute but i’ll pass.

               attempted to meet with the nutritionist over face time which didn’t work.  she’s correct in that the Keto i was following is not the same as her version of Keto. so i’m going to try it again. we also talked about the low grade depression and when she mentioned my mother the conversation got uncomfortable. she then wanted to talk about the relationship between mothers and daughters which i wasn’t willing to cover. she mentioned something called CEN. (childhood emotional neglect.) these children tend to have narissistic parents. i know it was not a normal childhood and she was not a normal mother but i really don’t want to go there. long story short she sends me 8 files with png formatting. my mac won’t open them.  she tells me i need Microsoft  Not on my Mac i don’t. ended up loading excel and having to pay for it and those files still wouldn’t open. i asked for them to be sent pdf. the entire world uses pdf. so seems i will be driving to Phoenix weekly for my check in. 

          i thought (mistakenly) that we were done fixing, changing this house. seems not. in about a month we are having walk in tubs installed in each bathroom. i had thought about it when we re-did them 2 years ago but since the workers didn’t speak english it was going to be difficult to ask for and i never mentioned it to Grrr. years ago i had a hot tub on the back deck of the island house and really enjoyed it. every time i shower my knee screams because the floor in the shower slopes towards the drain and the knee joint shifts to adjust to it. and grrr complains about how painful showering is too. anyway he seemed to think it was a good idea. the original plan was to put one in my bathroom but grrr asked about a discount if we purchased 2 at once and we got a great deal on the price. 

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          and Chewbacca is fine. he’s even getting more social. seems to enjoy meeting new people. read an article about orange tabby cats.  they only come in male. a female is extremely rare. the ‘M’ on his forhead stands for Marmalade which is what the british call them. tabby is not a breed. they are all a mix of other breeds. and the vet thinks that he does have maine coon in him. the fluffy tail and he has fur growing out the bottom of his feet that the kitty litter sticks to. anything maine coon makes me nervous. however he does have the orange tabby personality. easy going and an absolute love. he’s never even frowned at me. good kitty. 

          today according to the arizona weather authority. 

"We have paid our dues this summer. Fall is right around the corner. “ temps will be in the 90’s.  i certainly hope they are right. 

          and just to add to everyones' stress there is an astroid on it’s way to earth. read about it here. Welcome September!

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