I’m Tired of Ranting

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          fall is finally here. it actually rained monday night and i completely missed it. Did get up to put an additional blanket on my bed. but day time it’s still been over 100 every day. mother nature hasen’t figured it out yet. 

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             it’s so sad about RBG. some people are not replaceable. thinking back on what i took for granted. over my 70 years i’ve been able to purchase 2 different houses as a single female without any co-signer or spouse. i’ve always been able to buy my own cars. have my own credit cards. have a personal business liscense. have always been able to make enough money in a predominately male field to do pretty much what i wished. Without her these milestones in my life would not have been possible. i hope she was aware of what she did for us. now it’s up to us to continue the change. 

          also received a phone call about a good friend and fellow quilter from back home who passed away. don’t know of any details (wasn’t covid related) but she will be greatly missed by myself and the quilting group we both belonged to. 

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          the 202,000 plus dead increases the sadness. the weight of thinking of the many families who are missing loved ones that possibly didn’t need to die when there was a way to lessen the count. imagine the anger those families are feeling. americans don’t panic. they start working on a solution. and masks are still not mandatory. imagine your doctor not telling you of your diagnosis because he doesn’t want you to panic when with the proper treatment you can live out a long and healthy life. 

          had a fellow weaver and her husband over for pizza dinner. she brought a run of towels she’d woven at the club. some people like dish towels the size of sheets. i prefer smaller. we talked about hems and wet finishing and sizes for her next run. my suggestion was to measure her favorite store bought towel and use those measurements remembering to add for draw in and shrinkage. she doesn’t have a sewing machine so i offered to show her how to use mine.  we will be having a work day together. also offered to give her a good deal on the pendleton loom. now that it’s working. 

          Havent seen my germ pod friends for several weeks. We’re been having assorted health problems. hoping we can gather this next week. i miss this group. 

         have been slowly working away on the towel warps.  Finished the last towel on the white warp yesterday. now to decide to re-warp or find it a new home. i’d really prefer to have another 8 shaft. am waiting for delivery of navy linen before i go any further on the baby wolf warp. 

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            Managed to watch a tv show of my choosing. 'Cosmos: Possible Worlds' On Fox, Where Neil deGrasse Tyson Examines Human Evolution And ExplorationDecider fascinating. and it has a message we all need to hear. find it on youtube here.

           there is also a video about how unfit trump is on you tube. haven’t watched it yet.  not going to watch because i know it will just rev up my anger. #Unfit 


          this week i am determined not to be angry. i’m tired of being angry. it takes too much energy. my anger has turned to sadness. i need to focus on being grateful. compared to the rest of the country we’re in great shape. we’re both reasonably healthy. no floods, no tornados. i’m safe with my favorite person and Chewbacca. and my germ pod friends. 

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          these 2 things are my list for this week. managed to lose several more pounds so i’ve got that to be thankful for. this diet goes against everything a person has ever learned about the food pyramid. but it works. i’m so bored with it. don’t care if i ever see another egg. i’m adding a number 3 to the list. staying awasy from the refrigerator. Grrr baked cookies because i wouldn’t.

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          can’t forget my favorite cat. he’s been well behaved this week. no stealing cat treats. no playing in warp chains. and he was friendly to everyone when we had company for dinner. and he’s discovered the ipad tablet screen moves when he touches it. just what i need. a cat who wants to help with my jig saw puzzles. 

good kitty. 

till next time. 


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