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Saturday's Smile - 9-5-2020

          found this on fb and it’s so true. i too, have fabrics that i can’t bear to cut into. An over flowing stash may appear, to some, to suggest an impulsive shopaholic. I'd prefer to think of it as the product of an imaginative mind with a positive outlook for the future.  Remember every item in those bags, boxes and baskets in there is because of a creative idea.  The "stash" is really a collection of projects waiting to be executed and when the time is right i will bring those ideas to life. however currently when i look at my stash i'm  overwhelmed by it. 

          maybe it’s time for a stash sale. sometimes circumstances change and the right time may never come.  So we pass on our stash to a fellow artisans with the hope that the materials will inspire them as they did us and that those wonderful visions that are locked inside the materials will come to life by another's hand.  

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           I love the weaving and the quilting and miss not being able to use Lola.   Playing with new techniques. trying out new ideas.   It truly can be magical, to see that transformation happen.

           the pendleton loom was sold thru face book market place to a gal from Avondale.  i much prefer a loom with the treadles closer together. i get lost on this one. anyway in the meantime i purchased an additional small loom.  this morning we’re picking up a gilmore 8 harness for the same price as i’m asking for the Pendleton. a local man, whose wife died, is selling her entire inventory of weaving items. i invited another club member to come with me as she may be interested in the stash and other misc. tools. 

          And October 5 - 11 is national spinning and weaving week. in case you needed to know. 

          had an appointment with my medical dr this week. she recommended human prosaic. now i’ll get to find out how Louie Louie felt when he had to take it. she assured me it would help get me out of bed in the morings.  also got a tetnus shot and had my thryoid checked. and scheduled for a mamogram. was told to relax my shoulders and unclench my jaw. so far the prosaic doesn’t believe in letting me sleep more than 4 hours at time. when you get up at 4:30 am it’s DARK!  was told sleeping and shopping are not a solution. 

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          this cat actually watches the tv. chewbacca met a dog this week. Lucy is a beautiful cocker spaniel, very well behaved and she was on a leash when they came to visit. Chewey heard a voice he knew and liked and came running prepared to jump into Terry’s lap but. . .  there was a dog in the way. nobody chased anybody. it was a standoff. and a stare down. chewbaccaa did not back down. nor did he get all puffed up. There was a 4 foot distance between them and they stayed that way the entire visit. until Lucy went to leave. then chewey followed her out just to make sure she left his house. 

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          So trump has covid-19 Maybe the corona virus will fix the problem.  Mean, i know, but I don’t want to hear, ‘it’s just a flu’  until Biden takes office. maybe this is the evidence that will convince trump take it seriously? rather than make fun of folks wearing masks and arguing with science. for some people it takes a base ball bat. 

          met with my nutritionist on face time. she had to be tested for covid so messaged me not to show up for my weight in. we do wear masks and sit across a large desk so feel we’re handling it ok. lost another 2 pounds. sure doesn’t feel like it. 

till next week. stay safe and healthy everyone. 


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