It’s been six bleeping months!

          who is buying 2021 planners? That's like counting chickens. i don’t have a new planner but did get a flu shot.  (my arm is still sore).  interesting talking with the pharmacist. he told me a covid vacine should be available by november. i told him i didn’t trust trump but would be back for one when fauci gave the ok. he laughed and told me that he thought the november vaccine probably will not be fully tested and he would probably pass on it too. as of yesterday 188 thousand dead from this pandemic. 

           ate some bad food over the weekend so monday was a complete write off. Spent my time vomiting into the closest garbage can. tuesday woke up feeling fine so what ever it was was over with.  no temperture so kept thinking these symptoms are not covid. my stomach has always been sensitive to bad food.          

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          still napping during the news.  the depression seems to be staying the same even without all the negative input. since trump has been in office mostly during the last 6 months i have eaten too much, shopped online too much, slept too much. my anger has been thru the roof and the hopelessness has taken over. can’t wait for the election. however grrr and i look at each other and ask ‘what are we going to do if trump wins?”  his recomendation is to just grit our teeth and keep our heads down. 

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           did witness an encounter at the grocery store. man came in with a mask around his neck and a clerk told him he needed to wear it correctly. Customer got aggressive about the fact that he WAS wearing his mask. i continued on with my shopping. didn’t want to get involved when they asked him to leave. you never know if people are going to get violent. 

          the pendleton loom seems to be fixed but i will be putting it up for sale when this run of of towels is completed. i do like having 3 looms. prevents boredom on each project. have found i prefer looms with treadles close together. i weave bare foot and on this loom i can’t feel exactly where i’m at. 

          my visit with with the nutritionist went ok considering i had no clue as to what i should be eating this last week. (was strickly winging it). Lost 3 pounds even after getting off to a bad start.  one thing this keto diet is teaching me is to do is snack.  normally i’m not much for snacking. but eating every 3 hours wether i’m hungry or not is hard. i’m having to set a timer. 

          no quilts to show on lola. unable to stand for any length of time. that knee locks up and forcing it to move is not worth the pain. feeling guilty about letting her sit idle. have put her cover over to her so i don’t have to look at her naked. i have about 50 quilt tops of mine sitting in totes under the frame. have a total of 5 towels woven between the 2 looms. now to re-thread heddles and tie on again on the pendleton. 

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haven’t told Chewey about cat appreciation day.  he’s even been getting better with grrr.  He is such a lover.

          spent time visiting with my germ pod friends. it's scary how dependant i am on those few hours a week. However we’re skipping next week because of other plans. 

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          my message for this holiday weekend is for  everyone is to continue washing your hands, wear your masks, avoid large crowds and be sure to vote. EARLY. 


am off to get a fresh pedicure. this month it’s going to be teal green. for comments

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