thankfully Chewbacca didn’t even notice the fireworks  out side. he slept thru everything. just proves i’ve managed to raise a very confident cat. who is curently yelling at me that’s he’s starving!

          made a trip to the grocery store with my walker. was exhausting in this heat! still visiting my chiropractor twice a week. 

         expecting delivery of the new appliances sometime monday. had a meeting with the contractor yesterday and they are ready to start next week. 

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          start my balance therapy class next week. fell over my cane trying to help Grrr. it landed on top of my left foot. there is no room on the top of your foot to swell up. my toes look dirty and the bruise goes all the way around the back of my heel. am trying to keep it iced and propped up but damn it hurts! i did manage to stay upright, so no 911 call this week. 

          haven’t even been to the pool. it’s too hot to leave the house. and you can’t buckle the seat belt or touch the steering wheel or wear shorts in the car with out getting major burns. 

          just received an arizona alert on my phone about a major dust storm. no wonder i’m having headaches this week. 

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this is the wild life Chewbacca stalkes in the mornings before he wakes me up. His tail swishes so hard you can see his fur floating around in the air. 


till next week. stay cool everyone . 



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